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Are you struggling with “where to buy tree guards”? The seedlings that have just been planted, and the fruit trees have not yet grown, and are already at risk of withering before they bloom or bear fruit. Plastic sleeve tree guards are essential if you want to protect and thrive on young trees. The corrugated plastic tree guards made by Huiyuan are very eco-friendly and lightweight, made of non-toxic polypropylene. It can help prevent damage from invasive objects and severe weather, such as hares, deer, dogs, wind, rain, hail, etc. Corflute plant guards help deter animals from damaging or destroying seedlings and can greatly improve tree planting success by reducing wind damage.

So, where to buy tree guards? Here are three common ways:

Corflute Tree Guards Manufacturer

If you are a local retailer and want to wholesale some corrugated plastic tree guards for sale, you can find some professional and reliable manufacturers for screening. If you have your own orchard and need a lot of corflute plant guards to protect your fruit seedlings to grow healthily and vigorously, you can also choose a manufacturer to customize your plastic sleeve tree guards. In short, those who need a large amount of sapling protectors can buy them directly from the manufacturer, which will be cheaper.

Local Retailer

If you only need a few or dozens of corrugated plastic tree guards, there is no need to find a manufacturer to buy them, because the cost of shipping is much higher than the value of the item. You can buy direct from your local retailer, and it’s convenient for same-day payment and same-day pickup.


If you only need 1 tree guard, you can use some discarded plastic boards to DIY one yourself. Because sapling protectors are very easy to make and assemble.

How to install corflute tree guards?

Each plastic sleeve tree guards requires 1 stake. Bamboo stakes or hardwood stakes are suitable. Just choose a length longer than the tree guard sleeves. Insert the excess length of the stake into fertile soil to hold it in place. The deeper the insertion, the better the stability. Tree sleeves plant protection is also very easy to install. It only needs to be folded and fixed along the indentation of the plate, and it is a flat plate when unfolded. So the corflute plant guards produced by Huiyuan go abroad all over the world. What a proud thing!

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Benefits of corrugated plastic tree guards

  • The raw material is eco-friendly polypropylene, a 100% recyclable material.
  • Moisture resistance and water resistance are particularly good, so you don’t have to worry about rainy days for outdoor use.
  • Very lightweight and very easy to move.
  • Plastic sleeve tree guards are UV resistant, so you don’t have to worry about sun exposure when using them outdoors.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Very durable, and long service life.
  • Cost-effective, your best choice.

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I hope this short article can solve the problem of “where to buy tree guards” for those of you who are worried. If you need to wholesale corrugated plastic tree guards now or customize other corrugated plastic products, welcome to contact us!

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