New design folding corex boxes with frames


Are you looking for cost-effective packaging solutions? Our reusable corex boxes are designed to be lightweight, tear and abrasion-resistant, yet waterproof and eye-catching. Our correx bins are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly, which is a very important factor when choosing a packaging solution. Correx storage boxes with sealed edges keep boxes clean and reduce the risk of cross-contamination when used in the medical field. Huiyuan can customize correx boxes of various sizes and models to create a unique and perfect lightweight packaging solution for your needs. Corex boxes are available in a variety of colors to promote your business and brand.

We offer several customization options for corex boxes. Here is an example:

  • Color or Print – Helps you maintain brand consistency and enhance your branding.
  • Size or Style – Corrugated plastic is easily customizable and a low-cost alternative to injection-molded plastic containers.
  • Welding methods – ultrasonic welding, seamless welding, or rivets to ensure incredible load capacity.
  • Additional features – such as ergonomic handles, frames, lids, access doors, drain holes, interlocking side walls, and wire reinforcements make handling corrugated plastic boxes more comfortable and protect the contents inside.

Applications of the correx bin box

  • Packaging and Conveying Systems
  • Automated Material Handling
  • assembly line
  • Shipping and Shipping
  • Mailroom and Office
  • Large and Small Containers
  • family storage

The correx box can be upgraded to the special performance

  1. For some well-known companies, it is very important to print a representative logo or slogan. They need to tell people what brand they are in all the time. So we need to choose a box with very strong ink adhesion and not easy to fade.
  2. For warehouse turnover, the most feared thing is fire. So you can choose to use flame-retardant correx storage boxes. Just add fire-resistant particles to the raw materials.
  3. If your corex boxes need to be used outdoors for a long time, you need to choose the ones with better UV resistance to resist UV rays and prevent the boxes from aging.
  4. If you plan to use our correx bin to package electronic products, we recommend you use esd packaging boxes. Just add anti-static particles to the raw material.

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How to choose the ratio of raw materials?

The raw material of correx box is environmentally friendly non-toxic polypropylene. The higher the hardness, the purer the polypropylene content, and the more expensive the price. Common correx storage boxes on the market are brand new materials (100% PP), 7:3, 5:5, etc. If the customer does not have high requirements for hardness, a certain degree of recycled material will generally be mixed with the new material, which can not only meet the customer’s quality requirements but also reduce the customer’s budget. Therefore, choosing the right product is not necessarily the best raw material, but the most suitable material ratio for you.

Generally, if the corex boxes are used for turnover and require long-term and long-distance turnover, choose 100% new materials. If it is a one-time package, you can choose to use recycled materials to reduce costs. Other ratios are based on the customer’s application and budget.

The production process of the correx storage boxes

  1. First of all, the board for making the box is a board with a hollow structure through extrusion – polypropylene corrugated sheets. Before producing correx sheets, it is necessary to prepare the qualified raw material ratio.
  2. Then, make precise cuts according to the designer’s drawings. The crease needs to use a professional pressing and cutting machine.
  3. If the customer requires printing, the contents are printed before the board is made into a box. Huiyuan offers screen printing, digital printing, and complex tri-color printing.
  4. Use ultrasonic welding, rivets, or seamless welding to secure seams. Shape the box base.
  5. Mount accessories such as handles, plastic frames, corner guards, etc.
  6. We can also customize liners/dividers for you if you decide to use them to package your small auto parts or products like mugs. Corrugated plastic dividers need to be sized to fit inside the box so they can be easily put in and taken out.
  7. Corflute boxes can also be designed with lids since the products that may be packaged are food-like and require good hygiene.

corrugated pp box

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