What are the advantages of corrugated plastic tote?


With the implementation of green environmental protection policies in various countries, the original paper-type express boxes have been gradually eliminated. Because the material of corrugated plastic tote(also known as corrugated plastic box) is light and durable to use, and meets the material requirements of the new market environment, many logistics express industries have begun to purchase corrugated plastic totes!

Because the corrugated plastic tote has the following advantages:

1. The express box is made of PP environmentally friendly material, which is non-toxic and tasteless, and can also directly package food;

2. It can be used more than 20 times, and it can be recycled after being damaged;

3. It is superior to similar boxes in terms of waterproof, heat resistance, compression resistance and shock resistance, and its weight is only a quarter of that of ordinary materials, which is more convenient for packaging, loading and unloading and transportation, and improves the logistics turnover efficiency.

4. High load-bearing strength and tear resistance.

5. The corrugated plastic tote is printable, and the size, color, thickness of the box can be customized.

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