Using coroplast tea boxes to prevent excessive packaging


coroplast tea boxes


Recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation announced the third batch of typical cases of excessive packaging of tea, mainly involving the luxury, complexity, and even excessive packaging of some well-known tea brands. The packaging materials for these tea leaves are mostly metal, paper boxes, and even some are inlaid with gemstones. Not only does it waste a lot of resources, but it also increases the burden on consumers. There are also many inconveniences during use. For example, some tea packaging is too tight, making it difficult for consumers to open, and even some tea packaging requires the use of tools to open.

coroplast boxes is a packaging box made of materials such as polypropylene, which has a simple and environmentally friendly appearance, as well as good pressure resistance and protection. Compared to traditional wooden and paper boxes, hollow board boxes are more lightweight, durable, and have lower costs.

In terms of tea packaging, hollow board boxes also have great advantages. Firstly, it can effectively protect the quality and taste of tea. Due to tea being a relatively fragile agricultural product, it is easily influenced by external factors such as temperature, humidity, oxygen, etc. The hollow board box has good sealing and moisture resistance, which can effectively maintain the freshness and taste of tea. Secondly, the appearance of the hollow board box is simple and elegant, in line with the high-end image of tea. At the same time, the hollow panel box can also be customized according to needs, increasing the added value and market competitiveness of the product.

In order to fully leverage the advantages of hollow plate tea boxes, manufacturers can also take the following measures:

Simplify packaging: reduce unnecessary packaging materials and layers to reduce overall packaging costs and environmental impact.

Promote recycling: Encourage consumers to recycle or reuse hollow plate tea boxes after using tea, in order to reduce resource waste.

Strengthen publicity and education: Through product descriptions, advertising, and other means, popularize the environmental advantages and usage methods of hollow plate tea boxes to consumers, and improve their environmental awareness.


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