A good choice for pp corrugated layer pads: PP hollow board


pp corrugated layer pads


PP hollow board is a very suitable choice as a bottle support board, which is a material with high strength and good toughness. It can withstand heavy pressure and impact, is not easy to deform or break, and can be used for a long time. It has good waterproof performance and can be used in humid environments, effectively protecting the bottle body from water immersion. Hollow plate bottle tray can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity, and is very suitable for some packaging situations that require anti-static. Hollow boards can be reused, saving costs for users. They can also be cut, bent, pasted and other processed according to needs, making it convenient for customized production according to different needs.

Material and structural characteristics:

  • PP hollow board is formed by blending polypropylene raw materials with polyethylene raw materials and extruding them through a hollow board production line. The cross-section of the board is grid shaped, also known as grid hollow board or double wall board.
  • This material has properties such as non-toxic, pollution-free, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, and shockproof.
  • Compared to solid panels, the hollow structure of PP hollow panels significantly reduces their heat and sound transfer effects, and has good insulation and sound insulation effects.

Customization and diversification:

  • PP hollow panels come in a variety of colors and can be customized with different colors, patterns, and text according to customer needs to meet various packaging and display needs.
  • The thickness of the board can be adjusted, for example, the PP hollow board of the “Kelei Hollow Board” brand has a thickness range of 2-8mm, and some factories even have a board thickness of up to 12mm.
  • We can provide various types of hollow panels, including anti-static, conductive, flame retardant, etc., to meet the special requirements of different fields and environments.

Mechanical properties and application advantages:

  • PP hollow board has good mechanical properties, good toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength, good bending performance, and a long service life.
  • Lightweight and material efficient, with the same effect achieved compared to the same period last year, using PP hollow panels has fewer consumables, lower costs, and lighter weight, which is beneficial for handling and transportation.
  • Widely used in factory product packaging turnover, luggage and handbag pallets, bottle and can industry, machinery industry, advertising industry, home decoration, furniture industry, agriculture, cultural and sports products, automotive industry, electrical industry, baby products and other fields.

In summary, PP hollow board has become a good choice for bottle tray due to its unique material and structural characteristics, customization and diversification, environmental protection and recyclability, as well as excellent mechanical properties and application advantages. PP hollow board can meet various needs in terms of color, thickness, type, environmental protection, mechanical properties, and application fields, and is a reliable bottle support board material.

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