Comparison of reusable corrugated plastic boxes and traditional plastic boxes


Resusable corrugated plastic boxes are often used in logistics, auto parts, electronics and other industries. They are very convenient and durable items. With the development trend of market demand, reusable corrugated plastic boxes manufacturers are also developing. In order to save transportation costs and reduce storage space, plastic corrugated foldable boxes were born, and slowly replaced traditional plastic boxes. So, what are the differences between the most popular foldable plastic corrugated boxes and traditional plastic crates?

The common points of reusable corrugated plastic box and traditional plastic container

1.They are not easy to deform, and the bearing capacity is very good.

2. Waterproof and moisture-proof, in a humid and rainy environment, it can effectively prevent the products in the box from being damaged by moisture, and the box will not be affected by moisture.

3. Anti-aging, can be recycled, and compared to cartons, they are more durable.

4. The colors are rich and gorgeous, basically you can choose the colors you like on the market.

reusable corrugated plastic boxes

The differences between the reusable corrugated plastic boxes and the traditional plastic boxes

1. The collapsible corrugated plastic box is more flexible and our factory can  customize many shapes and sizes; while the traditional plastic box has a single style.

2. The plastic corrugated foldable boxes are lightweight and easy to handle; while the traditional plastic boxes are relatively heavy, and loading other products requires more manual handling.

3. We can make anti-static, flame retardant, and anti-UV into reusable corrugated plastic boxes. We can also customize the functions according to the product properties; while the traditional plastic boxes have a single function.

4. The most significant advantage of the reusable corrugated box plastic is that it can be folded, which saves cost and storage space; while the traditional plastic crate takes up space when it is vacant, so the freight is often more expensive when it is exported overseas.

5. The foldable plastic corrugated boxes are easier to clean. As long as the box is unfolded, the inner corner of the box can be cleaned very cleanly; while the traditional plastic crates cannot be cleaned in many places because it cannot be disassembled.

6. Collapsible corrugated plastic box is made of PP polypropylene. Its biggest feature is that it can be recycled for environmental protection; traditional plastic box cannot be recycled, and the production process will cause inevitable pollution to the environment.

reusable corrugated plastic boxes

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