Why did coroplast storage boxes replace traditional plastic storage boxes?


The coroplast storage boxes are a simple and lightweight multi-functional storage box, which is used to classify small boxes for separate storage. Can stand upright or lay flat. A box specially used to organize messy items, used to store small scattered things at home. The coroplast bins storage boxes are designed to be foldable. Books, newspapers, cosmetics, and other small objects can be placed. Beautiful and practical, foldable storage, does not take up space, is a good helper for daily use at home. Many companies are slowly replacing traditional plastic storage boxes with coroplast storage boxes. So, what are the advantages of such a popular coroplast boxes?

coroplast storage boxes

Advantages of coroplast storage boxes

  1. We can make anti-static, flame-retardant, and anti-UV into the corrugated plastic storage box , and the function can be customized according to the product properties.
  2. The coroplast bins are particularly easy to clean, they will not breed bacteria due to the environment, and the service life will be longer.
  3. The coroplast boxes storage boxes are made of PP polypropylene. It’s biggest feature is that it can be recycled for environmental protection; traditional plastic storage boxes cannot be recycled, and the production process will cause inevitable pollution to the environment.
  4. The corrugated plastic storage box is not only lightweight and easy to move, but also has a very strong bearing capacity.
  5. The coroplast storage box can also be designed to be folded, which saves transportation costs and storage space; while the traditional plastic storage box takes up space when it is vacant, so the freight is often more expensive when it is exported overseas.
  6. The storage box made of PP corrugated plastic sheet has many styles and comprehensive functions. It has all the functions of traditional plastic boxes.coroplast storage boxes

About us

We are a coroplast storage boxes manufacturer with 15 years of export experience and a professional R&D team, so you can rest assured of the quality of our boxes. In addition, our factory will take various factors into consideration when making the corrugated plastic storage box, and we can customize the color, sheet thickness, size and design according to the needs of customers.

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