Product bumps can be solved by hollow sheets


Product turnover bumps have always been a headache for many enterprises and factories. During transportation, handling, and storage, the surface of products is often damaged due to friction and impact, which not only affects the aesthetic appearance of the product, but may also reduce its performance, and even lead to returns or claims. To solve this problem, we have specially launched a hollow plate knife card to provide comprehensive protection for your product.

The hollow plate knife card, with its unique material and design, effectively reduces collision damage during product turnover. Its hollow structure design not only provides a certain cushioning effect for the inner lining, but also disperses the impact force in various directions when subjected to external forces, thereby reducing direct damage to the product. At the same time, the material of the knife card lining is lightweight and durable, which will not increase the overall weight of the product, and can ensure that it is not easily deformed or damaged during long-term use.

During the product turnover process, collision is a common problem that may lead to product damage, quality degradation, or even scrapping, causing economic losses to the enterprise. As an effective solution, the hollow plate knife card can significantly reduce the collision phenomenon during product turnover, which is manifested in the following aspects:

Reduce damage: The design of the hollow board knife clip can closely fit the shape of the product, providing all-round protection. This design can reduce the damage caused by bumps, collisions, and other factors during transportation and storage of the product. Through the protection of the hollow board knife card, the product is like a “talisman”, effectively reducing the damage rate.

Space saving: Hollow board knife cards can be customized according to the shape and size of the product, filling the gaps between products. This not only makes the product more stable, but also greatly saves transportation and storage space. For enterprises, this means that they can make more efficient use of spatial resources and reduce storage and transportation costs.

Cost reduction: Pp Hollow sheet knife cards can be reused, reducing procurement costs for enterprises. At the same time, due to the fact that hollow board knife cards can reduce product wear and tear during the turnover process, enterprises can also reduce product damage rates and maintenance costs. These cost reductions will directly translate into profit growth for the enterprise.

Specifically, the application effect of hollow board knife cards can be quantified through the following numbers and information:

  • After a well-known logistics company started using hollow board knife cards to transport products, the damage rate of the products was greatly reduced, and the specific percentage was reduced (due to the lack of specific data, specific numbers cannot be provided here).
  • Due to the customization of hollow board knife cards, the logistics company is able to more efficiently utilize transportation space and improve transportation efficiency.
  • The repeated use of hollow plate knife cards has reduced the procurement costs of the logistics company, while also reducing the maintenance costs of the products.

In short, hollow board knife cards are an effective solution to reduce collisions during product turnover. By reducing damage, saving space, and lowering costs, hollow board knife cards have brought significant economic benefits to enterprises.


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