Printing of pp hollow boards


Is the hollow board printing firm or not?

In the market, there are always doubts about the firmness of hollow board printing. So, is the hollow board printing firm or not?

Hollow board printing has the following major characteristics: firstly, it has high firmness in printing. The manufacturer uses imported industrial grade inkjet printing machines and imported environmentally friendly UV ink, with a maximum high-definition resolution of 1440dpi for printing. UV ink has the characteristics of fast drying, long-lasting color, and not easy to fade, making printed patterns sharper and more vibrant. In addition, after UV curing treatment, the firmness of printed patterns is significantly improved, making it almost impossible to remove by hand, and it has properties such as scratch resistance, water resistance, etc.

Secondly, it is green and environmentally friendly. Hollow board printing causes minimal environmental pollution while undergoing rapid prototyping. Using UV ink printing, no solvents need to be added, no harmful substance residue, no irritating odor, safe and non-toxic, in compliance with environmental standards.


The printing of hollow boards is a process that involves multiple steps and considerations. The following is a detailed analysis of hollow board printing:
Printing types and applicable scenarios:
Embossing and gravure printing: suitable for printing high-precision graphics and text.

Flexographic printing: suitable for printing large areas of graphics and text.
Screen printing: suitable for printing raised graphics and lettering.

Detailed explanation of printing technology (using silk screen as an example):
Principle: Part of the holes on the screen printing plate can pass through the ink and leak onto the substrate to form graphics and text; The remaining mesh on the printing plate is blocked and cannot pass through the ink, forming a blank on the substrate.

Plate making method: The most commonly used method in modern times is photochemical plate making, which uses a silk screen as a support, tightens the silk screen on the frame, and then tightly seals the positive image and bottom plate on the plate film for plate making. After exposure and development, a printed plate is formed.

Printing techniques and precautions:Choose the appropriate ink: Choose ink, water-based ink, or UV ink based on printing area and accuracy requirements.

Control temperature and humidity: Keep the temperature between 15 ℃ and 25 ℃, and the humidity between 50% and 70% to ensure printing quality.
Adjust printing pressure and speed: Adjust according to specific printing requirements to achieve uniform and stable printing quality.

Pay attention to the thickness of the hollow board: Different thicknesses of hollow boards require different printing methods and inks.

Timely replacement of printing plates and cleaning of equipment: Keep the equipment in good condition to achieve better printing results.
Application field:

Advertising board: Hollow board advertising boards have a significant price advantage and can be customized according to customer needs, with strong advertising value.

Industrial product packaging turnover: packaging turnover boxes and partitions for electronic components, plastic parts, etc.

Furthermore, customization should be tailored to different needs. Hollow board manufacturers can provide various specifications, thicknesses, and colors of hollow board materials according to customer needs, and carry out professional printing design, providing a one-stop solution to customer printing needs. Whether used in promotional columns, billboards, display boards, exhibitions, or other occasions.

The printing of hollow boards requires selecting appropriate printing types according to specific needs, mastering correct printing techniques and techniques, and paying attention to various parameters and equipment status during the printing process. Hollow board advertising boards have a wide range of applications, not only with price advantages, but also can be customized according to customer needs to achieve personalized advertising and promotional effects.


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