A simple and effective method for selecting pp hollow boards


The application of hollow panels in daily life is becoming increasingly widespread, and a large number of unqualified products have emerged in the market. Therefore, when choosing hollow panels, we cannot simply pursue low prices and ignore the key factors of selection. Measuring the quality of hollow panels involves multiple standards, mainly including key attributes such as color, hygiene, safety, service life, curvature, load-bearing capacity, and bending force.

A simple and effective method is to check the certification status of the hollow board, and check whether the production enterprise of the product has obtained SGS environmental protection certification (with 3C certificate and valid certificate) through the internet before purchasing. This kind of query can ensure that the purchased hollow board meets safety and environmental requirements.

A simple and effective method when selecting hollow panels is to comprehensively consider the following key factors:

Appearance and color:
Observe whether the surface of the hollow board is flat and whether the color of the board is bright.
For colored or transparent hollow panels, check if their luster is uniform, without spots or spots, and it is best to present a transparent or semi transparent shape.
The black hollow board should have a smooth and shiny surface.

Hardness and toughness:
High quality hollow boards should have good hardness and toughness, and are not prone to dents or tears.
Choose the appropriate hardness according to the purpose, for example, for boards that need to be bent or folded, choose products with good flexibility and relatively poor hardness; For products used for separation and cushion, choose products with better hardness.

Weight and thickness:
The weight of a hollow board is related to its thickness and load-bearing capacity. Generally speaking, the thicker the board, the stronger its load-bearing capacity and the better its quality.
The quality of the board can be determined by the weight per square meter (in grams).

Functional features:
According to actual needs, choose hollow boards with specific functions, such as conductivity, anti-static, flame retardant, etc.
These functions are usually achieved by mixing different chemicals during the production of the board.

Packaging and transportation:
Check if the packaging method of the hollow board is tight and sturdy, which helps to protect the board from damage during transportation and storage.
Consider the costs of transportation and storage, and choose hollow panels that are suitable for your own needs and economic capacity.

Sealing performance:
Checking the sealing of the hollow board is crucial for preventing leaks and ensuring product safety.

Price and cost-effectiveness:
Don’t choose products that are too low in price, as the lower the price, the less guaranteed the quality.
Taking into account factors such as price, quality, and service, choose hollow panels with high cost-effectiveness.

Manufacturer selection:
When choosing a hollow panel manufacturer, it is necessary to compare prices, quality, and services from three different manufacturers.
Choose manufacturers with good reputation and reputation to ensure the purchase of high-quality products.

In summary, by comprehensively considering the above factors, one can easily and effectively select the hollow board that suits their needs.

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