Pp honeycomb sheet, pp bubble guard board


Huiyuan pp honeycomb sheet(also known as pp bubble guard board) is made of polypropylene, with a stable honeycomb core layer structure, the polypropylene honeycomb panel has the advantages of lightweight, chemical resistance, impact resistance, high load capacity, easy processing and recyclability. Plastic honeycomb panels do not have the disadvantages of paper honeycomb panels that are not waterproof and easy to damp, nor do they have the shortcomings of high price, poor sound insulation, and poor corrosivity of aluminum honeycomb panels.

Backed by a skilled team of professionals, we are able to offer a qualitative assortment of PP Bubble Guard Sheet . Our team of experts makes these sheets by utilizing high-end machines and advanced techniques in tune with market-accepted norms and principles. Our clients greatly cherished the offered range for their associated features like optimum quality and durability.

Applications of pp honeycomb sheet

Heavy duty polypropylene honeycomb board is widely used in the automobile industry, logistics and transportation(Plastic gaylord pallet container), warehouse and turnover management, packaging, advertising and display, construction, etc.

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