Collapsible Gaylord Container Made of Polypropylene Honeycomb


Collapsible gaylord container is also known as collapsible pallet container, collapsible pallet pack container, plastic gaylord container, folding plastic pallet boxes, etc. It is an assembling box/bin/tote,which mainly consists of tray, lid and polypropylene honeycomb board.

Features of plastic gaylord container

1.The collapsible pallet pack container is made of PP environmental protection material, and has the characteristics of waterproof and dustproof. It can be used normally in rainy and humid weather.

2.According to customer’s products,we can also design the lining packing way.

3.The transportation cost will be saved up to 30%-80% by the recycled use of both lining and box.

4.The plastic gaylord container made of pp honeycomb board has the properties of impact resistance, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, and resistance to deformation.

5.The length and width are fixed for each type,while the height is customized.

6.It can also be printed on the box according to the customer’s requirements, including the customer’s logo, to make the packaging more high-end.

collapsible gaylord containers,collapsible pallet containers

Applications of Collapsible gaylord containers

Widely used in various fields,such as packaging, logistics, storage and especially used for automotive parts packaging & storage or any company with logistics demand can freely use it.

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