What are corrugated plastic layer pads for pallets?


Corrugated plastic layer pads for pallets, pp layer pads, plastic tier sheets, plastic divider sheets, and plastic separator sheets. As they go by many names, PP tier sheets have many uses and benefits over similar plastic, wood, and cardboard products. Huiyuan can customize pallet layer pads of various specifications for you to meet your storage, transportation, and handling needs.

What are corrugated plastic layer pads for pallets?

Plastic Pallet Divider Sheets are made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic polypropylene, and the edges are sealed to meet hygienic standards. The main purpose of pallet layer pads is to improve the stability of stacked products and packages. In their simplest form, PP tier sheets can help “tie” corrugated boxes together and create stronger stacked box pallets. You will often see 100% recycled sheets, say 2mm thick, sandwiched between drink bottles or cans and secured with plastic wrap to keep them from collapsing. Plastic separator sheets are a guarantee for the safety of any stack. It provides great stability and security.

What are the benefits of pp layer pads?

  • 100% recyclable and made of high-quality polypropylene.
  • Available in all sizes and compatible with all types of pallets.
  • Affordable, especially compared to plastic and wood.
  • Durable and versatile in the harshest conditions.
  • Custom features and details can be customized upon request.
  • Rounded corners to avoid poking through the stretch wrap.
  • Non-slip, moisture, and grease-resistant coating.
  • Available in strength options for safe stackable surfaces.
  • Printing options such as logo stripes and part numbers.

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In which markets are plastic divider sheets used?

Huiyuan correx layer pad is ideal for product packaging and shipping in numerous markets. Examples include:

  • Beverage Bottles, Cans & Containers
  • Dairies and dry goods such as salt, grains, and ingredients
  • Industrial products and parts – even heavy metals
  • Consumer goods packed in cartons and corrugated boxes
  • various processed foods
  • Shipping and distribution industries such as food service
  • Shipping of fruit and vegetable cartons and crates
  • Packaging of auto parts

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