What is the use of hollow plastic sheet?


The hollow plastic sheet has many uses and covers a wide range of fields. It is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic polypropylene, a lightweight and durable board. Huiyuan pp hollow sheet manufacturer can customize corrugated plastic sheets with a thickness of 2-12mm for you, and the width is limited to 2600mm, because the maximum width of the machine is 2600mm, and the length is not restricted. PP hollow board is also known as corrugated plastic sheet, coroplast board, corflute sheet, correx board, danpla sheet, impraboard, etc.

So, what is the use of corrugated plastic board?

Plastic Corrugated Sign Board

4mm white corrugated plastic boards are most commonly used for advertising boards as they are of the right thickness and just the right amount of stiffness. PP corrugated sheets can achieve the function of advertising through printing patterns and copywriting. Corroplast sheets are commonly used in daily life for road signs, house rental signs, shopping mall promotion signs, outdoor temporary courtyard signs, etc.

Corflute Tree Guards

Correx sheet 2mm correx sheets are often used to make tree guard sleeves to protect the healthy growth of seedlings and prevent sandstorms and animal erosion. Typically corflute sheets are made as triangular tree guards, round tree guards or square tree guards. The production process is very simple and easy to install.

Various Corrugated Plastic Tote Boxes

Generally, 6mm corrugated plastic sheets can make different kinds of boxes. If the packaged product is heavy, you can choose 8mm corrugated plastic sheets to customize the packaging box. Because the packing box or shipping box made of thicker board has stronger load-bearing capacity. The most commonly chosen thicknesses are 4mm coroplast sheets, 5mm correx sheets, and 6mm coroplast panels. The corrugated polypropylene boxes I have done include shoe boxes, okra packaging boxes, vegetable and fruit packaging boxes, snack storage boxes, pick bins, PP corrugated boxes, etc. Contact us for more case references.

PP Floor Protection Sheet

2mm correx sheet can be directly used for floor protection, and can be directly cut to the size you want. The most common size is 48×96. Corrugated plastic rolls can be selected if large area protection is required. The length of the general roll is 50 meters, and the length can be customized according to your requirements. Correx 2mm is easy to roll and cut, and can be cut into consistent graphics according to the terrain of the construction site.

Plastic Layer Pads

The hollow plastic sheet can be directly used as a plastic pallet divider sheet, and edge banding technology is usually used to ensure the hygienic standard of the sheet. It provides an efficient technology for the safe transport of empty cans, containers, and bottles to their destination and is the preferred packaging material for the food and beverage industry.

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