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Plastic Layer Pads(also known as polypropylene tier sheets, pp pallet layer pads , correx layer pads) are made from polypropylene corrugated sheets with four sides and corners sealed or welded. They are widely applied in the beverage industry as a divider sheet for moving glass bottles, beverage and food containers,which greatly improve stacking efficiency and save packaging cost.

Features of Plastic Corrugated Layer Pad

(1) A variety of colors are available (regular colors are white, black, blue, gray, the most popular colors are blue and yellow, we can customize yellow and other colors)

(2) Can be printed on the surface (usually screen printing, can be printed in one color or multicolor, and can also be printed on both sides)

(3) Rounded corners and sealed edges (if there is no high hygienic requirement, you can also choose unsealed or right-angled ones, fewer processes will reduce the cost of the separator)

(4) Smooth surface and light weight

(5) Coroplast pad layers are moisture-proof and waterproof, can be washed directly with water

(6)Chemical resistance, not easy to grow bacteria and cause product contamination

(7) Plastic layer pads are superior in hygiene. Plastic doesn’t give off fibers, and as for surface contaminants, can be washed with high-temperature solutions.

(8)Plastic tier sheet is recyclable, but compared to recycled paper, recycled plastic is more chemically similar to virgin.

(9)Correx pad layers are environmental friendly, harmless,non-toxic, recyclable.

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