Custom Fire Retardant Correx Sheet, V2 Grade


Fire retardant correx, also known as flame retardant correx/coroplast/corflute/corrugated plastic /pp hollow sheet, is a corrugated hollow board with flame retardant effect by adding flame retardant agents to PP polypropylene raw material and extruding it. Generally, correx fire ratingis divided into three grades, V2, V1 , V0. The flame retardant correx plastic board can be automatically extinguished after leaving the fire source, and will not become a fire-inducing material. The fireproof hollow board we can make is V2 level, although it is the lowest level, it can fully meet the needs of customers.
fireproof corrugated plastic sheets,Fire Retardant Correx Sheet

Specification of fire retardant correx :

1)Thickness: From 2mm to 12mm

2) Weight: From 250g/m2 to 3000g/m2

3) Standard Size: 2440mmx1220mm or as customer’s request

4) Packing: PE Film ordinary packing or according to your demand
5) Color: White or as customer’s request;

It is worth noting that among all fire rated correx boards, white polypropylene flute board has the best flame-retardant performance and quality.

Application of flame retardant correx/coroplast:

Flame Retardant Correx Plastic Sheet can be fabricated into various of packaging boxes,turnover boxes,isolating plate, pallet, dunnage, base plate and cork base etc,so  it is widely used in drug products, cosmetics, inflammable and explosive materials logistics industry.

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