Pallet sleeve boxes High strength and customizable


Basic  Introduction:

Pallet sleeve boxes are also called foldable pallet boxes, corrugated plastic gaylord containers, folding pallet boxes, plastic gaylord boxes, or  plastic gaylord pallet containers. The corrugated plastic gaylord containers  consist of a pallet base, a top lid, as well as a foldable sleeve. The pallet and top lid are usually manufactured from high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE).  And the sleeve is made of high strength, high payload Triple Wall polypropylene (PP) structural material also referred to as “honeycomb”.

The advantages of pallet sleeve boxes are as follows:

1、High strength、 low weight

2、Shock resistance、easy to assemble

3、Colors can be customized

4、Dimensions can be customized upon request

5、Space-saving、eco-friendly and recyclable

pallet sleeve box

Pallet sleeve boxes have widespread use in various fileds in our daily life:

The auto parts industry uses it to pack and transport large parts; The logistics and transportation industry uses it to improve loading efficiency and reduce cargo damage; The electronics and mechanical equipment industry uses it for product packaging and storage; The food and pharmaceutical industries choose it to ensure the health and safety of products; The agriculture and horticulture industries use it for the transportation of plants and produce.


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