Corrugated plastic sheets high load-bearing and customizable


Basic introduction about corrugated plastic sheets:

This is a new type of plastic sheet widely used in packaging and printing,construction, advertising decoration. The main raw material of Corrugated plastic sheets  is polypropylene, which gives PP hollow boards special toughness. Polypropylene is widely used in a variety of industries in view of its durability, impact resistance, and high load-bearing.

diversified choices :

The size, color and shape of corrugated plastic sheets can be flexibly customized. This means that no matter what items you need to transport, you can have diversified choices.

corrugated plastic sheet

Advantages of the sheets

Corrugated plastic sheets have the following advantages:
High-quality: High-quality PP hollow sheets should be made of high-quality polypropylene raw materials to ensure product high-quality .
Stability: The quality of high-quality PP corrugated plastic sheets should be stable for a long time without obvious differences.
Smooth surface: The surface of the corrugated plastic sheets is smooth, it is comfortable for you to touch it.
High load-bearing: It has good toughness, and can withstand great pressure and load.
Good waterproof : It has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance and can be used in various environments.
Environmental friendly: it is made of pp polypropylene raw material, which can be recycled.


Practical application

In terms of application fields, corrugated plastic sheets have widespread use in our lives.
As a kind of light and strong material, corrugated plastic sheet is widely used in cargo packaging and transportation. During the transportation process, it can play the role of isolation, protection, support, buffer, etc., to protect the goods from damage. At the same time, it is light in weight, strong in material, easy to process, and also provides convenience for the transportation process.

Corrugated plastic sheet is also an vital material in the field of logistics and warehousing. In the logistics transportation, it can carry a lot of goods, achieve multi-layer stacking, improve the storage density, save storage space. In the storage process, it also plays an important role, can be used for cargo sorting, storage and warehousing and other links.


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