Huiyuan Corrugated Plastic Gaylord Boxes


Huiyuan plastic gaylord boxes are also called collapsible pallet containers, pallet sleeve boxes, foldable pallet boxes, corrugated plastic gaylord containers. Corrugated plastic gaylord containers are economical bulk packaging containers that are lightweight, durable, and recyclable. We offer cuffs in a variety of standard sizes and configurations.

The Sleeves are made of high strength, high payload Triple Wall polypropylene structural material also referred to as “honeycomb” and for the highest payload we offer Thermoformed Twin sheet sleeves. The Sleeve Pack (Mega pack) is designed for optimum space utilization in the trailer and space saving of 80% on the return (empty) trip.

Why use plastic gaylord boxes?

Pallet sleeve boxes are ideal for holding large quantities of manufacturing materials, such as plastic pellets for molding. These bulk containers are also an ideal solution for transporting or storing large quantities of electrical or mechanical components. Some models are built to strict specifications to allow the transportation of hazardous waste or recycled electronics.

Huiyuan collapsible pallet containers are ideal for commercial use. Auto parts and electronics are often stored in these boxes. Depending on the composition and design of the container, you can fill it with granular substances, powders, or even liquid objects. They are also often used for bulk displays in grocery or department stores.

Advantages of corrugated plastic gaylord containers

  • Our pallet sleeve boxes and bulk storage containers are very sturdy.
  • Made of scratch-resistant material, smooth, and easy to clean, we offer low prices and have plenty of stock.
  • We are a professional plastic box manufacturer, buying cheap foldable pallet boxes in our factory.
  • These special pallet boxes are used to store and distribute heavy and bulky items, they are equipped with slide rails or pallet feet for forklift or pallet truck transport.
  • It can be folded when empty for easy recycling and storage.
  • Huiyuan provides screen printing and digital printing to enhance branding.
  • up to 80% decreased transport costs

Specifications of Huiyuan foldable pallet boxes

Type color In Size(L*W) Out Size(L*W)(mm) Out/In H ( Custom)
HY-10408 Custom 960*770mm 1040*850mm 860/685mm
HY-11201 Custom 1040*1040mm 1120*1120mm 860/685mm
HY-11401 Custom 1060*1060mm 1140*1140mm 860/685mm
HY-12001 Custom 1120*930mm 1200*1000mm 860/685mm
HY-12201 Custom 1140*1070mm 1220*1150mm 860/685mm
HY-12408 Custom 1160*760mm 1240*840mm 860/685mm
HY-12401 Custom 1160*960mm 1240*1040mm 860/685mm
HY-14701 Custom 1370*1070mm 1470*1150mm 760/585mm

Where did the term “GAYLORD BOX” originate?

This particular style of the box got its name from the Gaylord Container Company in St. Louis, Missouri in the first half of the 20th century. The company has patented several unique designs. Despite the lasting impression of its packaging design innovations, the Gaylord Box is the only container that still bears this discontinued brand name.

Today, Huiyuan replaces the original cardboard with an environmentally friendly and durable polypropylene plastic sheet to achieve the load-bearing capacity that the carton cannot reach. Many businesses and farmers have come to rely on pallet sleeve boxes to transport their products and fresh produce. This style, which fits on a tray, usually includes a lid and is still used for these purposes today.

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