Use value of PP esd corrugated sheet


With the continuous development of science and technology, anti-static technology is more and more widely used in many industries, and PP esd corrugated sheet, as a new type of material with unique advantages, is gradually known to people. So, what are the characteristics of The PP esd corrugated sheet? What is the value of practical application? This article will reveal the unique advantages and characteristics of anti-static corrugated plastic sheets for you.

The use value of PP esd corrugated sheet

ESD PP corrugated sheets have high use value, and their advantages are manifested in the following aspects:

  1. Excellent anti-static performance:

    The surface resistance value of anti-static coroplast sheets can be adjusted within a certain range to meet the anti-static requirements of specific scenarios. In addition, the sheet has a long-lasting anti-static effect, which can protect sensitive products such as electronic components and equipment from electrostatic damage.

  2. Good physical properties:

    Anti-static correx sheets have good mechanical properties, wear resistance, impact resistance, and aging resistance, and can withstand the large weight and rough use conditions.

  3. Portable and environmentally friendly:

    Anti-static PP hollow sheets are lightweight materials that reduce transportation costs; they are made of environmentally friendly and recyclable polypropylene, which is in line with the concept of green environmental protection.

  4. Flexible customization:

    Anti-static corflute sheets can be customized according to customer needs, including size, color, shape, etc., to meet the requirements of different usage scenarios.

Application of esd corrugated plastic sheet

Anti-static pp hollow boards are widely used in the following scenarios:

  1. Electronics industry:

    Anti-static corflute sheets can be used to make electronic component packaging, turnover boxes, separators, trays, etc., which can effectively prevent static electricity from damaging the performance of electronic components and improve product safety and reliability.

  2. Chemical industry:

    Anti-static pp corrugated sheets can be used as turnover pallets or packing boxes for raw materials and finished products to prevent safety hazards such as spark explosions caused by static electricity.

  3. Pharmaceutical industry:

    Due to the high requirements of the pharmaceutical production environment, and the pharmaceutical itself is easily affected by static electricity, anti-static coroplast boards can provide a clean, dust-free packaging, transportation, and storage environment for pharmaceuticals.

  4. Manufacturing of precision instruments:

    The PP esd corrugated sheet can provide good anti-static protection for the packaging, transportation, and storage of precision instruments, and reduce the loss caused by static electricity.

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How much anti-static value is appropriate

The selection of the antistatic value of PP corrugated sheets should be judged according to the actual application scenarios and product requirements. Generally speaking, the anti-static hollow board with a surface resistance value in the range of 10^6-10^9 ohm/square (Ω/□) is suitable for most scenarios and has good anti-static performance.


The PP esd corrugated sheet has become an ideal choice for many industry fields due to its excellent anti-static performance, physical performance, environmental protection performance, and customization flexibility. Understanding its unique advantages and characteristics will help us better use this polypropylene corrugated plastic and bring more value to practical applications.

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