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The low survival rate of seedlings hurts farmers’ heads, and protection of seedlings is anxious, so the corrugated plastic tree wraps were born. It is also known as corflute tree guard/ correx tree guard/coroplast tree protector. Once it went on the market, it was favored by many farmers and gardeners. Corrugated plastic tree guard, as a kind of tree protector, is cheap, durable, recyclable, simple to install, easy to dismantle, promotes the growth rate of young trees, and improves the survival rate of seedlings. It is accepted by farmers all over the world and is widely used. Among them, the most popular colors are light green, white and transparent, and the most favorable shapes are circle, triangle, and square.

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The parameter of corrugated plastic tree wraps:

Name Corrugated plastic tree wraps/corflute tree guards/corflute sapling protectors
Material PP (polypropylene)
Height Regular: 30-45 cm, Or customized
Side length 10cm, or customized
Thickness (mm) 2mm, 3mm, or customized
Weight(g/sqm) 300GSM—800GSM, or customized
Shape Customized, round, square, triangular
Colors Light green, white, transparent, Customized
Opinions Ordinary

Features of our plastic tree guards

Huiyuan corrugated plastic tree guards are ideal for revegetation or landscaping projects, conservation works and protecting trees from pests and wind. They only require one lumber state (unlike other situations that require three or four stakes), so they are easy to install. They are also UV resistant, waterproof and very durable. Your tree guards come in flat packs and can be easily folded into triangles, circles or squares after opening.
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Robust and reusable
made of corflute
Protect trees during early growth
Easy to install (requires only one stake)
UV stabilized

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