corrugated plastic shipping boxes


Corrugated plastic shipping boxes(also known as pp corrugated sheet box, pp corrugated plastic box, corrugated polypropylene boxes) are the recommended outer packaging products in many countries. Due to its advantages of moisture resistance, good toughness, no pollution, environmental protection, recyclability and customization, it is widely used and loved by people.
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1.Uses of corrugated plastic shipping boxes:

It can be used in various fields such as industrial product turnover boxes, agricultural product packaging boxes, and luggage linings. It is mainly used as a packaging box for items. Packaging materials for household appliances, hardware, food, vegetables, fruits, fish, plants, glass, medicine, pipe fittings, optical cables and other industries, composite packaging boxes for auto parts, conductive anti-static packaging boxes for sensitive electronic components, The folding function is very popular in the market.

2.Appearance characteristics:

Colorful colors can be produced according to the samples provided. The corrugated box is a box body assembled by a series of cutting, compression molding, binding, assembly accessories, etc., with beautiful appearance, bright colors and rich colors.

3.Hot sale pp corrugated plastic boxes:

Corrugated polypropylene boxes can be made into various plastic cartons, folding boxes, corrugated plastic divider boxes, express boxes(corrugated plastic mail totes), pp corrugated boxes with frames, and can also be made into anti-static and conductive products according to customer requirements.

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