Why is corrugated plastic floor protection popular?


corrugated plastic floor protection is a precision product that provides reusable surface protection for all fixtures and surfaces during construction and renovation.

PP floor protection sheet has an excellent combination of physical, chemical, mechanical, and thermal properties not found in any other thermoplastic. It is less expensive, more useful, and more hygienic than other products in the field of plywood, thermoplastics, etc., and provides excellent protection for all surfaces. Such as hallways, glazing, concrete, tiles, vinyl, wood floors, doors, counters, cabinets, and other surfaces. It shows additional strength against moisture and chemical action.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of corrugated plastic floor protection

Corrugated plastic floor protection sheets are flame retardant

If you need flame-retardant corrugated floor protection sheets, we can customize them for you. We offer flame-retardant corrugated floor protection sheets in only two colors, white and orange. The flame retardant effect of other colors is not as good as these two colors, which is related to the performance of flame retardant particles. Huiyuan divides the flame retardant grade of pp corrugated panel into V2, V1, and V0.

  • After two 10-second burn tests on the PP hollow board, the flame was extinguished within 60 seconds. There can be PP hollow board burning objects falling, this is V2 level.
  • After two 10-second burning tests on the PP hollow panel, the flame was extinguished within 60 seconds. There can be no PP hollow board burning material falling, this is V1 level.
  • After two 10-second burning tests on the PP hollow sheet, the flame was extinguished within 30 seconds. There can be no PP hollow board burning material falling, this is V0 level, and it is also the highest level.
The color of the pp floor protection sheet is very bright

Corrugated plastic floor protection is very rich and bright in color. It can be used not only indoors but also outdoors. Indoors, the color can stay bright and bright for a long time. However, if it is outdoors, it may fade due to long-term direct sunlight. So black corrugated polypropylene floor protector sheets and white corrugated plastic boards are often used in outdoor places.

Corrugated plastic floor protection is waterproof

The answer is yes! corrugated plastic floor protection sheets are also superior to cardboard, plywood, and hardwood floor protection in this regard as it is completely impermeable to water. Since it is 100% waterproof and inert to most mineral and organic acids, oils, greases, and alcohols. You can rest assured knowing the surface you are protecting is safe.

Long life of corrugated floor protection sheets

Because of its impressive durability and resistance to impact, tear, and puncture, users can reuse it many times. While cardboard is recyclable, this form of protection doesn’t last long, so by opting for corrugated plastic rolls, you can reduce the number of frequent refills. Over time the plywood will start to rot and pp corrugated sheet has no such danger!

PP floor protection sheet is recyclable

Corrugated plastic floor protection is fully recyclable. Because its raw material is polypropylene, which is a very environmentally friendly material. Usually, manufacturers recycle discarded pp corrugated boards for secondary processing. Secondary processed corrugated plastic products are generally less expensive. Therefore, for customers who do not need to use very good corrugated plastic sheets, it will be more affordable to choose corrugated plastic products filled with this old material.

So what are corrugated floor protection sheets?

Corrugated plastic floor protection is actually polypropylene corrugated sheets. Usually, choose 2mm pp corrugated sheets for floor protection. PP corrugated sheet is an extruded sheet made of polypropylene copolymer particles. People usually call this double-layer polypropylene board corrugated plastic board. It provides complete surface protection to avoid damage to the floor. This is especially important when working on hard laminates, delicate wood surfaces, or other interior surfaces. It is also a popular choice for short-term signage applications and packaging due to its impressive durability and abrasion resistance.

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