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Correx boxes are found all over the world because they are so versatile. The corrugated plastic boxes manufactured by Huiyuan are exported to dozens of countries, such as correx boxes UK, USA, NZ, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, etc. Correx bin not only provides all the advantages of a carton, but it is also very lightweight and durable. This eco-friendly corrugated polypropylene box is also very easy to customize, such as details such as size, color, thickness, etc., to maximize its use value. If you want to customize your coroplast boxes to replace your current cardboard boxes. You can rest assured to try boldly, Huiyuan will provide the greatest help.

Advantages of correx boxes uk

  • Print LOGO, enhance branding
  • 100% recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Durable with excellent impact resistance
  • Resistant to almost all acids, chemicals, detergents, greases, and oils
  • Provide hygienic materials without affecting products that come into contact with them
  • Foldable corrugated plastic box – saves shipping costs and storage space when empty
  • Huiyuan can customize corrugated plastic bin boxes in various colors, thicknesses, and sizes according to customer requirements

Added Value

Inserts / Dividers 

Fit the right-sized dividers in the box to help protect the product from bumps in transit. Often when multiple products are sent in a single package, people opt for Coroplast Shipping Boxes with dividers. The number, size, color, and thickness of the partitions can be customized.


For businesses or well-known brands, the general user will be large. In order to highlight the corporate culture and enhance the brand grade, the brand’s LOGO or slogan will be printed on the box. Huiyuan allows you to freely add any graphics, images, and text you want and need.

Handles and Accessories

Handles of the right size and shape can be fitted into the box for easy movement. A range of molded plastic parts and fixtures such as Velcro, fiber tape, frame edges, and more can then be added. With the support of some accessories, the Coroplast Box With Frames is made more firm and durable.

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Specifications of corrugated plastic boxes

Food Contact Approved for direct food contact
Color Black,White, Grey, Yellow, Red, Orange, Green & other requested colors
Thickness 2 mm-12 mm
Density Available in any density from 250 gr/m2 to 4500 gr/m2
Printing Silk Screen Printing, UV Printing, Digital Printing

The corrugated PP box has many names and uses. Below you can find the most common industries using correx boxes uk

  1. Office: PP stationery storage box
  2. Shipping: Coroplast shipping boxes
  3. Aquaculture: Seafood packaging box
  4. Pet industry: Corrugated plastic pet carrier
  5. Electronics industry: PP esd storage boxes
  6. Agriculture: Fruit and vegetable packaging boxes
  7. Bank or Post Office: Corrugated plastic mail totes
  8. Moving Company: Corrugated Plastic Wardrobe Box
  9. Packaging industry: Corrugated plastic packaging boxes
  10. Automotive industry: Corrugated plastic gaylord containers
  11. Waste collection industry: Corrugated plastic recycling bins
  12. Supermarket or retail industry: Corrugated plastic shelf bins
  13. Bottle and Beverage Industry: Corrugated plastic box with dividers 

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