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Huiyuan is one of the largest corflute suppliers in Asia, we mainly produce corflute sheets and customized PP corrugated boxes. Many people know Corflute – this is actually a trademark of Corex Plastics Australia. The general term is “grooved sheet” or “corrugated plastic sheet” and it is known as Coroplast in the US and by many other names elsewhere. It’s extruded from polypropylene, making it lightweight but strong, waterproof, and recyclable. The thickness is generally 2-12 mm. But did you know it has hundreds of other uses besides flat signage? We will introduce its use in detail for you next.

Applications of corrugated plastic sheets

  • Correx floor protection
  • Plastic tree guards
  • Coroplast signs
  • Corflute layer pads
  • PP corrugated boxes
  • Corrugated plastic wardrobe boxes
  • creative artwork

What can 10mm coroplast be used for?

The 10mm Coroplast (also known as OroPlast) is cleverly scored and die-cut to create a collapsible kayak that assembles in about five minutes. The collapsible ‘origami’ kayak is the brainchild of the American team Oru Kayak. There are six versions for different conditions – from calm lakes to seaside surf inlets. Open and closed tops with spray skirts are all made of “Corflute” type polypropylene (PP) material. It’s not a toy, but a real, sturdy kayak that’s reusable – the fold has been tested 20,000 times without weakening. PP is UV treated.


Common applications of 5mm pp corrugated sheets and 6mm PP plastic cardboard

It is more suitable for making various packing boxes, storage boxes, transport boxes, etc. Because the hardness of 5mm and 6mm corrugated plastic sheets is just right, and the flexibility is also the best, the load-bearing capacity of corrugated plastic boxes of this thickness is also very good. If you need to store sundries, please choose 5mm corrugated plastic sheet. If you plan to customize shipping boxes in large quantities, it is more appropriate to use 6mm corrugated plastic sheets, because the products will have some collisions during transportation.

For which applications are 4mm coroplast sheets suitable?

4mm coroplast is suitable for advertising boards, creating greater value at lower prices. White corflute sheets are also a common choice for road signs, promotional signs, and house rentals. Because the coroplast board is waterproof and anti-ultraviolet, many outdoor events will choose it as a temporary yard sign. In some areas with hot climates and where fires are prone to occur, people will also choose fire retardant correx boards to avoid fire accidents.

What are 2mm corrugated plastic and 3mm corrugated plastic suitable for?

2mm pp corrugated sheet is commonly used for floor protection of Construction Site and side protection of large equipment. Because usually the floor protection sheet needs good wear resistance and good flexibility, so 2mm pp flute sheets are more suitable for protecting the safety of the construction site. Another important reason is that 2mm corflute boards prices are cheaper. If you are worried that 2mm boards are not hard enough, you can also choose 3mm corrugated plastic boards.  Also because they are as thin as cardboard and easy to fold, many farmers choose them to make tree guards.

Advantages of Huiyuan corflute suppliers

  • All of our products have passed SGS and ISO9001 certification, you can rest assured of our product quality
  • Huiyuan has 8 sets of advanced printing equipment, 10 sets of ultrasonic welding equipment, and 11 production lines of Correx sheet, which can provide you with one-stop service from research and development to design to production.
  • As a professional correx sheet manufacturer, we have been striving to provide every customer with high-quality correx plastic products at reasonable prices and professional services.
  • Our raw materials are all from regular suppliers, and we will check the materials provided to us by suppliers every time.
  • In addition to pre-sales service, Huiyuan plate manufacturers pay more attention to after-sales service, because the most important thing is to be able to solve problems for customers.
  • Huiyuan corflute suppliers has 18 years of research and development experience and has successfully exported to nearly 100 countries. We are well aware of the hardships of starting a business, so we will try our best to support SMEs.
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