What are the advantages of corflute signs?


Corflute signs are a proven and versatile short-term signage solution. suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, corflute sign printing is an excellent solution for short-term advertising or informational signage. Lightweight and weather-resistant corflute is widely used in the real estate, events, and construction industries. Huiyuan easy signs corflute has the technology of offset printing, silk screen printing, and so on, and is able to do large quantities of corflute signs, which means fast turnaround and great prices. Corflute has different brand names in different countries, such as Coroplast, Corrugated plastic, Correx, Impraboard, etc.

Advantages of corflute signs

  • Corflute sign printing is a good choice because they are durable, water and weatherproof, and resistant to stains and most chemicals.
  • Our easy signs corflute is lightweight yet strong, making them ideal for temporary promotional signage. Display boards are made of corrugated polypropylene.
  • UV resistant, not easy to fade, suitable for all-weather use, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Fully customizable including size, thickness, shape, and color. You can also add an extra layer of protection with gloss or matt lamination.
  • Plates can be drilled to easily secure them to surfaces.
  • Can be designed as corflute triangle signs for independent use.
  • At corrugatedppsheets.com, we make sure you don’t have to sacrifice quality for cost when purchasing outdoor promotional signage. We provide high-quality coroplast signs printing services at affordable prices.
  • Our versatile corrugated plastic signs are easy to install, durable enough to withstand harsh weather, and printed in vibrant colors.
  • Corflute signs are considered a great marketing tool! Just add your company logo, contact information, or a short message.
  • They can be personalized, making them a smart and cost-effective way to spread the word about your business, product, or service.
  • The corflute sign printing is very easy to install and clean. You don’t need to spend money to hire someone to do it. You can easily install and clean it by yourself.

coroplast signs

Coroplast Signs Applications:

  • menu board
  • special event signage
  • Direction and Information Signs
  • Indoor Point of Sale Signs
  • Temporary and Promotional Signage
  • Exhibition

Caring for your correx signs

  • Squeegee in the direction of the corrugations when cleaning.
  • Do not leave corrugated plastic signs in direct sun or in a hot car; they may bow or bend if not laying flat.

Wholesale custom corflute sign printing for your next project

If you need strong plastic corrugated signs, Huiyuan manufacturer is your first choice. Print eye-catching designs that you can confidently present to everyone. We offer drilling and mounting options to make your rigid sign more permanent. Custom coroplast signs are a must-have for industries such as real estate, restaurants and food services, and construction. Use our products in traditional and unique shapes and sizes for advertising, directional signs, safety signs, and more. Choose from rectangles, squares, circles, ovals, stars, arrowheads, octagons, and even apartment and house shapes to elevate any type of design. There is a minimum quantity limit for buying corflute signs – 1000. If you need a sample or bulk order, Huiyuan can meet your needs.

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