How To Select High-quality Cor Plast Boards?


Cor plast sheet(also known as correx/corflute/coroplast board)is a plastic board with an extruded hollow structure. The raw material is polypropylene. It has the characteristics of light weight, non-toxic, non-polluting, waterproof, shockproof, anti-aging, corrosion resistance and rich colors. Below, Corrugated pp sheet Manufacturer introduces how to select high-quality cor plast board:

  1. Color: First observe from the color of the coroplast board. The color of the high-quality plastic correx sheet is bright and shiny, and the corflute board of the same color has uniform color and no color difference. Take the plastic coflute board to a place with good light. If you find that the color is dark or white-gray, then the raw material for the production of the plastic board may be problematic.
  2. Density: Generally, the higher the density, the better the quality of the board. Take two plastic cor plast boards of the same size and place them in the left and right hands respectively, and tip them. The heavier hand feels better. The higher the density, the better the impact resistance. better.
  3. Physical properties: Take a small piece of corflute board and fold it in half by hand. The tough board is of better quality, can better deal with various situations during use, and has a better service life, but it is hard and brittle And the ones that are too soft are not very good.

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