Benefits of using PP layer pad pallet sheets


With the rapid development of the modern logistics industry, the demand for product transportation of glass bottles is also increasing. However, the fragile nature of glass bottles makes them easy to break during transportation, causing huge losses to companies. In order to solve this problem, corrugated plastic layer pad pallet sheets came into being. So, how do PP layer pads prevent glass bottles from being damaged during transportation? After reading this article, the answer will be revealed to you.

Corrugated plastic layer pad pallet sheets are used to prevent glass bottles from being damaged during transportation as follows:

  1. Material selection:
    PP layer pads are made of corrugated plastic sheets. The raw material is waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, and flame-retardant polypropylene. The purer the raw material, the better its strength and impact resistance. Usually, good PP corrugated layer pads can maintain their shape under certain pressure.
  2. The design of PP pallet layer pads can be optimized according to the actual situation:
    The structural design of PP tier sheets should ensure that there is enough buffer space between glass bottles to reduce friction and collision. In addition, the bottom and sides of the layer pads should have reinforcement ribs to improve Overall stability.
  3. The fit between plastic pallet divider sheets and bottled products:
    The shape and size of the PP layer pads should fit the outer dimensions of the glass bottle to ensure that the bottle does not easily slide and tip over in the bottle holder. Usually strong layer pad pallet sheets are welded together by two layers of PP hollow sheets, and the upper sheet will be custom-cut with holes that fit the products according to the arrangement of the products. The bottled products are embedded in the layer pads to enhance stability.
  4. Packaging method:
    When loading glass bottles, make sure the bottle holders are stacked firmly to avoid damage to the bottles caused by shaking during transportation. In addition, packaging materials such as foam, pearl cotton, and other cushioning materials can be reinforced around the bottle holder to further reduce the risk of breakage of glass bottles.
  5. Transportation method:
    During transportation, choose a relatively stable road and a suitable speed, and try to avoid severe vibrations and collisions to protect the safety of glass bottles.
  6. Cargo identification:
    Add fragile and handle with caution signs on the packaging to remind transporters to pay attention to the safety of the goods.

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Let us understand the advantages of PP corrugated layer pads

PP layer pad pallet sheets are made of polymer polypropylene (PP) material, which is lightweight, impact-resistant, waterproof, moisture-proof, and environmentally friendly. Compared with traditional wooden and cardboard tier sheets, PP pallet layer pads have more advantages. Its light weight reduces transportation costs, its impact resistance ensures that glass bottles are not easily damaged during transportation, its waterproof and moisture-proof performance extends the service life of the bottle holder, and its environmentally friendly features are in line with the green development concept of modern enterprises.

Corrugated plastic pallet divider sheets have a wide range of applications

In addition to the glass bottle industry, corrugated plastic tier sheets can also be used in the chemical industry, food, medicine, and other fields. In these fields, corrugated plastic layer pads can also exert their advantages to ensure the safety of products during transportation. For example, in the chemical industry, PP layer pads can be used to carry flammable and explosive chemicals, and in the food industry, PP tier sheets can be used to carry fragile food cans, etc.

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