What to do when the coreflute board production fails:


What to do when the coreflute board production fails:

  1. When unevenness, bumps, and pores appear in the production of coreflutboards(also known as correx plastic sheets, polyflute sheets, coroplast sheets), a list analysis is required. Through induction, refinement, and summary, some reasons and elimination steps and methods are analyzed and explained, and then some solutions and measures are summarized.
  2. In the production process of corefultepanels, how to adjust the process parameters and set the molding conditions, how to correctly debug the mold, and quickly eliminate various molding failures, these are very important technologies, so our pp hollow panel manufacturers must master these technologies .
  3. When troubleshooting, the process parameters must be adjusted one by one, and several production conditions cannot be changed at the same time. For example, do not change multiple process parameters such as molding temperature, molding pressure, or cavity structure at the same time.
  4. Generally speaking, the faults encountered in the production of coreflut panelsmust be carefully detected and investigated. In order to effectively reduce these failures, improve the utilization of the machine.

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