What to do if cardboard boxes are easily damaged on rainy days?


plastic cardboard boxes


Transporting goods in plastic cardboard boxes is prone to damage, causing the goods to seep into water and become damp. The road surface is slippery and needs to be moved to a dry place at once, and cannot be placed on the ground, which increases the difficulty of transportation. You can try hollow board boxes, which have good moisture resistance and can effectively prevent water vapor from seeping in even on rainy days, protecting the items inside from moisture. The material of the hollow panel box has a certain degree of water resistance, and short-term rainwater immersion will not have a significant impact on its structure and use. It can also be recycled and reused, which to some extent reduces costs.

The problem of cardboard boxes being easily damaged on rainy days is mainly due to the strong hydrophilicity of the raw material – corrugated paper, which can easily absorb moisture from the air and cause moisture expansion, thereby reducing the hardness and toughness of the cardboard boxes and making them prone to damage. To solve this problem, hollow board boxes can be used as an alternative solution.

Strong moisture-proof performance:

Hollow board turnover boxes, due to their plastic material, have better performance in isolating water vapor and can better maintain the box from corrosion and damage in humid environments, making them less prone to deformation.

However, traditional corrugated cardboard boxes will deform and become soaked in damp environments or water, losing their original protective effect.

Strong impact resistance:

The hollow board turnover box can withstand stronger impact force, and the box is not easily damaged after collision, which can protect the items inside the box from damage.
In contrast, traditional corrugated cardboard boxes are prone to deformation and damage after being subjected to a certain degree of impact, resulting in the content of the product being easily damaged.

Strong pressure resistance:

The compressive capacity of the plastic cardboard boxe is much stronger than that of traditional corrugated cardboard boxes. It can withstand more pressure in multi-layer stacking, reducing the damage to the box and the reduction of the box’s lifespan after long-term pressure.

Long lifespan:

The lifespan of hollow board turnover boxes is 10 to 20 times longer than that of ordinary corrugated cardboard boxes. Although the price of hollow board turnover boxes is relatively high, in the long run, using hollow board turnover boxes is more cost-effective.


Replacing cardboard boxes:
In humid and rainy weather or environments, it is possible to consider replacing traditional corrugated cardboard boxes with hollow board boxes to improve moisture resistance during storage and transportation.

Keep dry:
When using hollow board boxes, it is also important to keep the storage environment dry and avoid prolonged exposure to humid environments.

Reasonable stacking:
When stacking hollow board boxes in multiple layers, it is necessary to ensure a reasonable stacking method to avoid exceeding the load-bearing limit of the box, in order to ensure the service life and safety of the box.


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