The Seismic Effect and Application of corflute boxes


Does the hollow board turnover box have shockproof effect? 

Corflute boxes do have excellent shock resistance, which makes them play a crucial role in the transportation and storage of various items.

Firstly, let’s have a deeper understanding of the shock-absorbing mechanism of hollow board turnover boxes. The design of the foldable  box is clever, and its internal hollow structure can effectively absorb and disperse the impact of external forces. When the box is subjected to vibration or impact, these forces are absorbed by the hollow structure, thereby reducing damage to the items inside the box. This shock-absorbing effect not only effectively protects the integrity of the item, but also ensures the safety of the item during transportatio.

In addition, the shock-absorbing effect of the corflute nuc box is also reflected in its material and structure. It is made of high-quality hollow board, which has good toughness and impact resistance. Meanwhile, the structure of the box has also been carefully designed to withstand significant pressure and impact forces. The combination of these factors makes the hollow board turnover box perform well in terms of shock resistance.

In practical applications, the shock-absorbing effect of hollow board turnover boxes has been widely recognized. Whether in the automotive parts, mechanical equipment, or other industries, hollow plate turnover boxes have demonstrated their excellent shock-absorbing performance. It not only ensures the safety of items during long-distance transportation, but also reduces damage and loss caused by vibration.

To sum up, the hollow board turnover box does have excellent shock-absorbing effect. Its unique hollow structure, high-quality materials, and meticulous design enable it to effectively absorb and disperse the impact of external forces, providing strong support for the transportation and storage of goods.


Product Name
Correx boxes
3 mm-5 mm, or customized
Eco-friendly, lightweight, strong and durable, waterproof, rich colors, cost-effective, customizable, etc
Packaging, transportation, and storage of  various products
Film packing or as customer’s requirements

Application of Hollow Plate Box

Hollow board turnover box, a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material, is widely used and can be called the “golden oil” in the packaging field. What industries can this magical turnover box be applied to?

Hollow panel boxes are first applied in the production of electronic devices and products, as well as in industries such as food and medicine. They are also used in various industries such as machinery, light industry, postal services, home appliances, advertising, decoration, and cultural goods. With its unique performance and diverse specifications, it meets the needs of different industries and has become an important support for industry development.

With the continuous progress of technology and the expansion of the market, it is believed that the application field of hollow board turnover boxes will further expand, injecting new vitality into the development of various industries.

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