Custom Honeycomb Plastic Layer Pads For Pallets

Quick Details:

Place of Origin:  China (Mainland)
Brand Name:  Huiyuan
Material:  PP
Color:  Blue/Pink/Custom
Size:  Can be customized
OEM/ ODM:  Accept
MOQ:  500 Kg


    Honeycomb Plastic Layer Pads For Pallets

    Huiyuan plastic layer pads for pallets is a honeycomb structure made of polypropylene (PP) material, mainly used to protect bottles and support pallets. This structure is lightweight, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and high-strength, and is suitable for the transportation and storage of bottled products. Compared with PP hollow layer pads, PP honeycomb layer pads have higher strength and stability.

    The parameters with PP layer pads:

    Name plastic cardboard layer pads/corflute layer pads/correx layer pads
    Material PP (polypropylene)
    Size Customizable
    Colors Blue, white, yellow, grey,green Customized
    Thickness (mm) 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, or customized
    Weight(g/sqm) 300GSM—800GSM, or customized
    Types Ordinary
    Round coroners
    Sample Free
    OEM/ODM Accept

    Honeycomb plastic layer pads for pallets have the following main functions:

    1. Protect bottles: The honeycomb structure of Huiyuan plastic tier sheets can effectively buffer impact and protect bottles from damage during transportation.
    2. Convenient stacking: It has good stability and is suitable for multi-layer stacking, which is beneficial for improving storage space utilization.
    3. Wear-resistant and durable: PP honeycomb layer pads have good wear resistance and long service life, reducing the frequency of replacement.
    4. Corrosion resistance: It has good tolerance to various acids, alkalis, salts, and other corrosive substances, and can maintain good performance in various environments.
    5. Environmentally friendly and recyclable: This pallet layer pad is recyclable, reducing resource waste and in line with environmental protection concepts.

    Case share

    corrugated Plastic Layer Pads

    PP honeycomb layer pad pallet sheets application areas:

    1. Chemical bottle transportation: It can protect acid, alkali, and other chemical bottles to prevent leakage and collision.
    2. Food and beverage packaging: used to package easily breakable bottled products such as juice, milk, mineral water, etc. to ensure the safe transportation of the products.
    3. Export commodity packaging: It can effectively reduce losses during transportation and improve the quality of export commodities.
    4. Pharmaceutical industry: safety protection of sensitive products such as bottled drugs, biological products, and other medical devices.
    5. Daily chemical product packaging: used to protect fragile bottled daily chemical products such as perfume and shampoo.

    In summary, honeycomb plastic layer pads for pallets have the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, etc., and are widely used in chemical bottle transportation, food and beverage packaging, export commodity packaging, pharmaceutical industry, and daily chemical products Packaging and other industries, becoming an ideal choice for the transportation and storage process of bottled products.

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