Pp hollow board used to make wine bottle holder cushion board


Pp hollow board, a lightweight and sturdy plastic sheet, has emerged in the fields of packaging and logistics in recent years. Its unique structural design and superior physical properties make it stand out among numerous packaging materials. Especially in its application as a bottle holder cushion, hollow boards have shown unparalleled advantages.

The primary advantage of the hollow plate bottle holder cushion plate is its excellent load-bearing capacity. Its internal hollow structure not only effectively reduces the overall weight, but also greatly enhances the compressive performance of the board. This means that even when carrying heavy bottles, the hollow plate can remain stable and not deform, providing reliable support for the bottles.

In addition to load-bearing capacity, hollow panels also have excellent waterproof and moisture-proof performance. Even if the bottle slips or spills during transportation, it doesn’t matter, which is particularly important in logistics transportation.


Hollow panels (also known as honeycomb panels or plastic hollow panels) do have various potential applications due to their unique structure and materials. When considering whether it is suitable as a wine bottle tray cushion, we need to consider the following aspects:

Load bearing capacity: Hollow boards usually have good load-bearing performance and can support the weight of wine bottles. However, the specific load-bearing capacity depends on the thickness, material, and design of the board. Therefore, when choosing a hollow board as the wine bottle support plate, it is necessary to ensure that its load-bearing capacity meets the requirements of wine bottles and stacking.

Anti slip performance: Wine bottles need to remain stable during transportation or storage to prevent slipping or collision. The surface of the hollow board can be designed or treated to enhance its anti slip performance, such as using texture design or adding anti slip coatings.

Environmental friendliness: Hollow panels are usually made of plastic and have good recyclability and environmental friendliness. This meets the modern requirements for environmental protection and sustainable development.

Aesthetics: Hollow panels can be customized according to needs, such as color, pattern, etc., to meet the needs of different brands and products. A beautiful bottle holder pad can enhance the overall image of the product.

Cost effectiveness: Hollow panels, as a common packaging material, have relatively low costs and are easy to process and manufacture. This makes it an economical and practical choice.

Hollow boards can be used as wine bottle pallets, but it is necessary to ensure that their load-bearing capacity, anti slip performance, and other requirements are met. Meanwhile, considering factors such as environmental protection, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness, hollow panels are a worthwhile option to consider. In practical applications, selection and optimization can be made based on specific needs and conditions.

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