Advantages and applications of plastic separator sheets


Corrugated plastic separator sheets or plastic sheet separators are durable, reliable, and economical sheets for safely stacking and transporting bottles and beverages. Plastic separator sheets are standard for shipping and packaging in the food and beverage industry, these corrugated plastic panels reduce the overall cost of moving cans and bottles and provide more warehouse space. So what are the advantages and applications of corrugated plastic separator sheets?

1. Advantages of the corrugated plastic separator sheets

(1). One can recycle old plastic tier sheets and reuse them more than 60 times, and it can last longer with good maintenance.

(2). It is very environmentally friendly. Its raw material is non-toxic polypropylene, which is very environmentally friendly so it reduces the waste of the earth and saves social resources.

(3). Due to its good corrosion resistance, the medical industry has long discovered it. General medicines contain some chemical components, once leaked, it will affect the outside world, and the corrugated plastic tier sheets can adapt to this environment.

(4). The plastic sheet separator has the characteristics of waterproof and moisture-proof so that people do not need to worry about its practicality in the rainy season.

(5). Compared with other tier sheets with a single color, such as metal or wood, corrugated plastic separator sheets have rich colors and have many options.

(6). The corrugated plastic tier sheet is easy to clean, and because of its smooth surface, it is not easy to get stains.

(7). It is easy to print. For brand owners, you can print your own logo on the board to increase brand awareness

(8). etc.

plastic separator sheets

2. Classifications of plastic separator sheets

(1). Shallow corrugated plastic tray – the four sides have a certain height to prevent the product from being scattered due to various factors. The four sides are pressed and cut so that they can be folded and fixed by Velcro. When recycled, it is still a flat plate after unfolding.

(2). Corrugated plastic separator sheets with holes – according to the shape of the packaged product, press and cut some holes that match the size of the product on the board, so that the product can be stuck in the hole, which is more firm and safe.

(3). Unsealed plastic sheet separator– the simplest process, just cut the corrugated plastic sheet directly according to the customer’s size requirements.

(4). Edge-sealed corrugated plastic separator sheets – On the basis of an unsealed plastic sheet separator, through professional hot-melt edge sealing technology, the desired edge sealing effect can be achieved.

plastic separator sheets

3. Applications of corrugated plastic sheet separator

(1). Hypermarket retail industry

It is often seen that in some large supermarkets, various brands of beer, beverages, and other products are neatly displayed with corrugated plastic separator sheets. Make it safer for employees and customers to enter and exit, and employees will not worry about collapse when unloading goods.

(2). Plastic sheet separator for chemical daily necessities

This kind of shallow corrugated plastic try is specially designed for daily chemical bottles. Such as laundry detergent, sanitizer, detergent, etc.

(3). Industry

Corrugated plastic separator sheets are also ideal for transporting and storing plastic molds and auto parts. Because most of these molds are special-shaped and easy to collide. The plastic separator sheet is easy to bend and cut, and the packaging separators suitable for these products can be completely customized, which avoids direct friction of the product and is visually neat.

(4). Medical industry

Because the most important thing in the pharmaceutical industry is hygiene, the use of plastic separator sheets can effectively prevent dust and insects from entering the bottle and prevent contamination of drugs.

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