Types of corrugated plastic nestable pick bins


Corrugated plastic nestable pick bins are designed for storage and retrieval of small parts. Through the application of boxes, you can better organize your warehouse and improve work efficiency. In practice, it can be applied in many industry fields, such as clothing, food, hardware, automobile, and electronics. Huiyuan plastic picking bins are made of food-grade plastic, no need to worry about safety, so they can also be used in medical and pharmacies. Correx pick bins are mainly divided into three series: freestanding warehouse picking totes, stackable correx euro stacking pick bins, and corrugated plastic shelf bins. Each style pick bin comes in a variety of sizes and color options.

Types of correx picking bins produced by Huiyuan

Corrugated plastic shelf bins

Corrugated plastic shelf bins can be stacked to form shelf walls without the need for additional metal shelves, making them very cost-effective. Due to the buckle design, warehouse picking bins of the same specification can be stacked together stably. Correx euro stacking pick bins can differentiate product areas by different colors.

Plastic nestable pick bins with dividers

Warehouse pick bins with dividers are often used to classify products of the same type with different specifications. For example, men’s socks and women’s socks of the same style. It is an effective solution for segmenting products. Corrugated plastic storage bins with dividers can save more costs, and solve the problem of subdividing products without increasing pick bins.

Foldable stackable picking bins

Foldable stackable picking bins are ultrasonically welded, and the bottom is designed with folding indentations. It can be folded to reduce the volume when not in use, easy to store. Our users often use it with metal shelves. Supermarkets will also choose large-sized plastic picking bins, put them next to the cash register, and put some short-term products in picking boxes for promotional activities.

correx pick bins

Where and how to use plastic nestable pick bins?

  • Hospital&Pharmacy – Hospitals typically use pick bins to separate and supply medicines for each patient; pharmacies use plastic corrugated bins to store medicines
  • Warehouse – The warehouse pick bins can be used for warehouse storage of small items or order picking, which helps to organize storage space and improve work efficiency
  • Hardware – Hardware stores/warehouses use picking boxes to hold screws, nuts, and bolts
  • E-commerce – E-commerce uses stacking pick bins to control inventory and distribute products to retailers

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Details of Huiyuan corrugated plastic picking bins

  • Material – 100% Eco-Friendly Polypropylene, Corrosion, Chemical, and Oil Resistant; Easy to Clean
  • Front Opening – Our correx euro stacking pick bins feature a front opening design for easy access to items and finding what you are looking for quickly
  • Dividers – There are vertical and horizontal dividers to choose from, so you can store and separate different items in the same box without the risk of mixing them up.
  • Labels – Large, clear card labels for easier identification of items you store in pick bins
  • Stackable – can be stacked to convert storage space
  • Cost-effective – factory direct selling price, the price is more favorable

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