What are plastic corrugated pads?


Plastic corrugated pads are one of the main products of Huiyuan Corrugated Plastic Manufacturer. Its main selling points include waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, and flame-retardant. PP corrugated sheets are usually made of environmentally friendly and recyclable polypropylene, which has good resistance to compression, impact, and friction.

Corrugated Plastic is also known as Coroplast, Correx, Corflute, Danpla, Polyflute, Impraboard, etc.

The advantages of plastic corrugated pads are as follows:

  1. Environmental protection and energy saving:

    PP flute sheets are made of polypropylene material, which can be recycled and has no pollution to the environment. At the same time, its lightweight design also reduces energy consumption during cargo transportation.

  2. Reusable:

    Corrugated plastic sheets can be used repeatedly and have a long service life. It can be used in different transportation and storage environments, helping to reduce packaging costs and improve resource utilization.

  3. Lightweight and durable:

    PP hollow sheets are made of lightweight plastic material, which is light in weight and easy to carry and install. At the same time, it also has good durability, can withstand greater pressure and impact, and maintain a good service life.

  4. Flame retardant:

    Correx boards have high flame retardant properties, which can effectively prevent the spread of fire, reduce damage to goods and equipment caused by fire accidents, and increase the safety of cargo transportation.

  5. Anti-static:

    Corfluye sheets are made of anti-static materials, which can effectively prevent the generation and accumulation of static electricity, reduce the impact of static electricity on goods and equipment, and improve the safety and reliability of goods transportation.

  6. Waterproof and moisture-proof:

    Coroplast pads have good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, which can effectively protect the goods from moisture and liquid erosion, ensuring the quality and safety of the goods.

Related Corrugated PP Sheets

Polypropylene Fluted Sheets are suitable for many industries and specific fields, including but not limited to the following aspects:

  1. Auto parts industry:

    The waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-static properties of plastic corrugated pads make them ideal for protecting auto parts in the auto parts industry. It can be used to protect engine parts, brake pads, tires, and other important auto parts, ensuring the quality and safety of parts.

  2. Electronics industry:

    The waterproof and anti-static properties of PP corrugated sheets make it an ideal choice for protecting electronic equipment and products. It can be used to protect electronic components, computer accessories, mobile phones, and other important electronic equipment to ensure the normal operation and safe use of the equipment.

  3. Chemical industry:

    The flame-retardant properties of white corflute 2400 X 1200 make them an ideal choice for protecting chemicals and dangerous goods in the chemical industry. It can be used to protect chemical containers, dangerous goods packaging, and other flammable, explosive, or toxic chemicals to ensure the safe transportation and storage of chemicals.

  4. Food industry:

    The waterproof properties of coroplast panels make them ideal for protecting food and beverages in the food industry. It can be used to protect food packaging, beverage bottles, and other food containers to ensure the quality and hygiene of food.

In addition, PP hollow boards can also be used in the transportation and storage of goods in the logistics industry, such as warehousing, logistics distribution, and transportation, to provide additional protection and support. In conclusion, corrugated plastic sheets have a wide range of applications and are suitable for cargo protection and packaging needs in various industries and specific fields.

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