Correx Plastic Core Box, drilling box


Plastic Core Box Description :

Our Correx Plastic Core Boxes are made of strong and durable corrugated polypropylene boards, The sheet has a similar corrugated structure as the paper cardboard, except that the flutes are rectangular as the pictures below.
Correx Plastic Core Box, drilling box

Our Plastic drilling core box will outlast waxed impregnated core boxes. These boxes ship flat and are much lighter when compared to wood or hard injection molded boxes. The core box is impenetrable to water and up to 99% of chemicals making it ideal for almost any environment.
Correx Plastic Core Box, drilling box

Comparison of different Drill Core Boxes

There are many types of drilling core boxes on the market, such as wood core box, hard injection molded drilling core box, corrugated cardboard core box, wax-impregnated corrugated cardboard core box. 

Compared with them, our correx plastic core box has the following advantages.

  wood core box hard injection molded core box corrugated cardboard core box 100% Waxed corrugated cardboard   core box Our fluted plastic sheets drill  core box
foldability not  not  yes yes yes
moisture repellant not excellent not medium excellent
waterproof not excellent not medium excellent
chemicals repellant not yes not not yes
high temperature resistant yes yes yes not for the wax yes
Flame retardant not can* not not can*
writing with a
permanent marker
yes yes yes not yes
weight heavy medium medium medium light
shipping cost for empty boxes big big medium medium small

Custom service

We can customize pp corrugated drilling core box according to every customer’s requirements. such as HQ,AQ, NQ, BQ, PQ, are also available, We also can customize other corrugated pp boxes or corrugated polypropylene products.

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