How to choose plastic pallet boxes in different industries?


choose plastic pallet boxes


When choosing a pallet box, you need to consider factors such as durability, load-bearing capacity, specifications, dimensions, and cost. The logistics industry needs to use pallet boxes with tough materials and stable structures to ensure transportation safety. Each industry should determine the appropriate specifications based on actual needs and choose products with high cost performance.

When choosing a #corrugated plastic gaylord containers#, each industry needs to consider multiple factors to ensure that the selected product can meet its specific needs and standards.

First, different industries have different requirements for the durability and load-bearing capacity of the panel box. For example, in the logistics industry, the panel box often needs to withstand the vibration and extrusion during the stacking and transportation of goods, so it is necessary to choose a panel box with a tough material and a stable structure to ensure the safety of the goods during transportation.

Secondly, different industries have different requirements for the specifications and sizes of pallet boxes. Some industries may need larger pallet boxes to accommodate more goods, while other industries may need smaller pallet boxes for easier handling and storage. Therefore, when choosing pallet boxes, each industry needs to determine the appropriate specifications and sizes based on its actual needs.

Although high-quality pallet boxes usually have better durability and load-bearing capacity, they are also relatively expensive. Therefore, all industries need to reasonably control costs and choose pallet box products with higher cost performance while ensuring that demand is met.

pallet sleeve box

Parameters of plastic gaylord pallet boxes/containers

color In Size(L*W)
Out Size(L*W)(mm)
Out/In H ( Custom)
Custom 960*770mm 1040*850mm 860/685mm
HY-11201 Custom 1040*1040mm 1120*1120mm 860/685mm
1060*1060mm 1140*1140mm 860/685mm
HY-12001 Custom 1120*930mm 1200*1000mm 860/685mm
HY-12201 Custom 1140*1070mm 1220*1150mm 860/685mm
HY-12408 Custom 1160*760mm 1240*840mm 860/685mm
HY-12401 Custom 1160*960mm
HY-14701 Custom 1370*1070mm 1470*1150mm

the reusable bulk container corrugated has many advantages and can be widely used in logistics, warehousing, transportation, etc. in various industries.

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