Fruit and vegetable boxes made of polypropylene plastic


Huiyuan fruit and vegetable boxes ensure the highest freshness and visual appeal of fruits and vegetables. Designed to protect every crop, fruit and vegetable packaging, Corrugated PP fruit and vegetable boxes meet the needs of every grower. Efficiently pack crops in the field with easy-to-install one-piece containers. Our vented containers make your products look fresher and taste better. Special eco-friendly material keeps moisture out while providing extra pack strength and staying power.

Features of PP corrugated fruit and vegetable packaging boxes

  1. The waterproof effect is naturally much better than that of the carton, and the carrying capacity is also a height that the carton cannot reach.
  2. Not only robust but also efficient and cost-effective.
  3. Huiyuan PP plastic vegetable and fruit boxes will not separate at the seams because they are seamless.
  4. It is foldable, unfolds into a flat sheet, cleverly designed to eliminate the need for tape and nails.
  5. Optimum protection of products in transit with stable construction and rounded inner edges.
  6. PP plastic can also prevent mosquito bites from damaging the box, and non-toxic polypropylene material makes agricultural products safer.
  7. Easy to clean and more hygienic after each use.
  8. It doesn’t rot, so the bottom of the case doesn’t fall off.
  9. Most chemicals will not affect them. And you never have to worry about debris getting into the produce.
  10. The surface is very smooth, Huiyuan® can design the printing content according to your requirements.
  11. The open side and base structure mean less cooling energy and guaranteed freshness for storage and transport.
  12. PP corrugated plastic reusable packaging has brought significant financial and operational benefits to many world-class companies.

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Why choose polypropylene corrugated sheet for packaging boxes?

There are many types of vegetable fruit boxes on the market, but corrugated plastic fruit and vegetable packaging boxes are the best sellers. Because the board for making the box is made of environmentally friendly non-toxic polypropylene. It is not only recyclable and reusable but also waterproof and moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant. We all know that fresh produce has high moisture content and needs to be packed in boxes with good ventilation and water resistance, otherwise, it will perish easily. PP polypropylene is just right to meet the needs of every grower.

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