How to distinguish good ESD boxes plastic?


Our ESD boxes plastic is a kind of corrugated plastic boxes that offer special properties that help keep sensitive electronics from harm. When producing this kind of  boxes, anti-static particles will be added in the raw material. ESD plastic box is very popular, before we buy them, there are some tips we need to know.

Actually, distinguishing the authenticity of the esd plastic boxes is very simple. Both simple methods can be done easily. Let’s take a look.

1. Use the instrument to measure the anti-static index directly

Use an anti-static instrument to measure the anti-static box. The fake anti-static bin is just sprayed with a layer of anti-static oil on the surface. The results obtained by using the instrument for multiple measurements are often high and low, and the values are different. Larger, true anti-static plastic box, no matter where you measure, how many times you measure, the anti-static index will not vary too much.


2. Check the surface of esd boxes plastic

The surface of the fake anti-static plastic box will have a layer of oil, which looks dirty and unevenly distributed, while the surface of the real anti-static hollow board is smooth, clean, and even slightly glossy.

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