What is danpla sheet?


The danpla sheet(also known as the corrugated plastic board, coroplast sheet, correx board, corflute panel, pp hollow sheet, fluted plastic board,) is extruded from environmental polypropylene and is a new type of structural material. The material has stable properties and is not easy to age.

It is an excellent alternative packaging material that meets the requirements of the new century. Hollow board products can be recycled to reduce packaging and transportation costs. The processability of the danpla plastic board is very strong, it can be made into lots kinds of corrugated plastic products, such as coroplast boxes, corflute plant guards, yard signs, and delta traps.

The plastic hollow board is non-toxic, odorless, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, light in weight, gorgeous in appearance, rich in color, pure, and has high performance of anti-folding, anti-aging, anti-tensile, compressive and tearing strength, and can be customized according to user needs. , Plastic hollow board production thickness of 2-12mm, width ≤ 2.6m, the length of ordinary hollow board, anti-static hollow board, conductive hollow board and flame retardant hollow board.

 The weight of the danpla sheet is relatively light, and the ability of waterproof, shockproof and anti-aging is relatively strong. Therefore, many countries are gradually expanding the production of hollow panels, but even so, they cannot meet the market demand for such panels. The packaging requirements of some parts will be more stringent, for example, the hollow sheet needs to have the functions of electrical conductivity and anti-static.

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