PP corrugated sign board 4×8 production process


With the continuous development of the advertising industry, PP corrugated sign board 4×8 has gradually become a popular trend. It is widely used in outdoor advertising, exhibitions, decoration, and other scenes due to its advantages of being lightweight, durable, and easy to install. This article will introduce you to the plastic corrugated sign board 4×8 production process in detail: a complete guide from design to construction.

Corrugated plastic signs are also called coroplast signs, correx signs, corflute signs, etc.

First, let’s take a look at the material and advantages of PP corrugated sign board 4×8.

Corrugated plastic signs are mainly made of plastics such as polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE), which have the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, good tensile strength, shockproof and moisture-proof, aging resistance, and corrosion resistance. At the same time, coroplast signs also have the advantages of being environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and easy to recycle, making them an ideal advertising carrier for green and environmental protection.

Next, we will introduce the 4×8 coroplast signs production process in detail:

  1. Design of custom corflute signs:

    Design is key to the success of a billboard. Designers need to fully understand the needs of customers and develop a suitable advertising design plan based on factors such as brand image, advertising content, placement location, etc. During the design process, elements such as color, font, contrast, etc. also need to be finely adjusted so that the final advertisement can attract more attention.

  2. Plate making of 4 x8 corrugated plastic signs:

    After the design is completed, we need to make the design draft into a plate. The process of plate-making requires reasonable scaling and cropping of the design draft while ensuring that the picture is not distorted and the colors are bright. During the plate-making process, attention needs to be paid to the size, color, shape, etc. of the material to ensure that the later production process proceeds smoothly.

  3. Production of PP corrugated sign board 4×8:

    Producing corflute signs first requires cutting the material and cutting the raw materials into appropriate sizes. Next, the design draft is printed on PP corrugated sheets through inkjet printing, screen printing, and other technologies, and then hot pressing, cold pressing, and other processing processes are performed to ensure that the surface of the billboard is smooth and the pattern is clear. Finally, the coroplast signs need to be reinforced to increase the stability of the cards.

  4. Construction of correx signs:

    When building Correx sign boards, choose an experienced team to install them to ensure the safety and stability of the billboards. During the construction process, you need to pay attention to the flatness of the ground, the connection method between the card surface and the bracket, etc. After the installation is completed, the billboard needs to be maintained and its fixed structure and appearance regularly inspected.

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In short, the demand for PP corrugated sign board 4×8 is growing day by day, and its advanced materials and production processes give it unique advantages in advertising communication. I hope this article’s introduction to the production process of plastic corrugated sign board 4×8 can help you understand this industry knowledge.

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