The function of corrugated plastic sheets in sapling protection


Brief introduction:

Corrugated plastic sheet, also known as plastic PP corrugated board, is a lightweight and environmentally friendly sheet. In recent years, its application in the field of sapling protection has gradually attracted people’s attention. It not only has the characteristics of moisture resistance and anti-impact, but also can provide all-round protection for saplings and promote the healthy growth of saplings.

Concrete applications of corrugated plastic sheets in sapling protection:

  • provide physical protection:

It has the characteristics of good pressure resistance and shock resistance, which can effectively protect the saplings from the external environment. During the growth of saplings, they are often attacked by natural factors such as wind and rain and animal biting, and it can effectively block these unfavorable factors and provide a safe and stable growth environment for saplings.

  • Regulate growth environment:

It also has good ventilation and light transmission, which can provide an ideal growth environment for saplings. Through reasonable design and installation, it can maintain moderate light transmission, provide the necessary light conditions for the saplings, and promote the progress of photosynthesis. At the same time, the ventilation performance of it can also ensure the air circulation around the saplings, reducing the occurrence of diseases and pests.

  • Withstand bad weather:

It has excellent thermal insulation performance, which can provide a stable temperature environment for saplings in cold or hot weather. In winter, it can effectively block the cold wind and reduce the risk of frost damage to the saplings. In the summer, it can block the strong sunlight and prevent the saplings from being damaged by high temperatures.

corrugated plastic sheets


To sum up, corrugated plastic sheets play an important role in the protection of saplings. By providing physical protection, regulating the growth environment and resisting adverse climate, it provides a strong guarantee for the healthy growth of saplings. With the continuous progress of agricultural science and technology, it is believed that the application of corrugated plastic sheets in the field of sapling protection will be more extensive.

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