Corrugated plastic layer pads


Corrugated plastic layer pads

Corrugated plastic layer pads are made of corrugated plastic sheets, often used as pallet layers pads of stacked products such as cans, bottles and other rigid packaging. The layer pad stabilizes the products and disperses weight evenly to ensure they remain free from damage during transit.

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The advantages of the corrugated plastic layer pads:

  • Customizable – If you’re looking to customize your corrugated plastic tier sheets to your specifications, it is available in a wide range of dimensions, colors, thicknesses, weights and treatments.
  • Light weight but strong and durable – Easy to transport and handle. Much more durable than cardboard and lighter than solid plastics or wood.
  • 100% Recyclable– PP corrugated tier sheet is made from 100% recyclable raw material. It can be recycled into different plastic products over again and supports your environmental action plan.
  • Non-toxic, Chemical and Heat resistance – Polypropylene layer pad is suitable for use in humid and chemical environments. It has resistance to high and low temperatures.
  • Hygienic – Correx layer pad does not produce dust-like cardboard & wooden packaging. Those materials are convenient to use in the food and beverage sector. Sealed edges create a completely hygienic solution and make the cleaning simple.
  • Printable – Smooth and flat surface allows high-quality printing (screen & digital) and provides big advantage for company advertisement & brand awareness.
  • Impact damage resistance – Plastic PP separator sheet is well suited for palletization and stacking purposes. Impact resistance ensures safe delivery and reduces the damage rate of products during transit.
  • Waterproof & Moisture-proof – PP corrugated plastic layer pad is a perfect solution for overseas shipping as it is not affected by moisture or water. It is a washable product, easy to clean and can be stored outdoors.
  • Reusable – Plastic PP separator sheets can be used many times. Reusability provides lower cost than cardboard and many other materials eventually, also causes less environmental and air pollution.

Corrugated plastic layer pads or PP plastic separator sheets are a budget friendly option when you need extremely durable tier sheets. Most often, they are used in Alcoholic & Non-alcoholic Beverage Industries, Automobile Industry, Bottle Industry, Food Industry, Glass Industry, etc.

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