The precautions for the use of corrugated plastic case:


Corrugated plastic case is a new type of plastic boxes,it’s widely used in various industries, many people also call it correx box, corflute box, or coroplast box, it also can be called pp corrugated  bin, corrugated polypropylene totes, and corrugated pp containers.
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Corrugated pp box manufacturer introduce the precautions for the use of corrugated plastic case:

The coroplast box has a certain load-bearing capacity, and the load-bearing strength is limited. Therefore, when we use pp corrugated boxes for cargo transfer and transportation, the weight of the goods cannot exceed the maximum carrying range of the box, otherwise the box will be damaged and tilted, and if it collapses, it will cause damage to the packaged products.​

Although the corrugated plastic case has good durability and strong bearing capacity, when using the case, we cannot intentionally damage it, such as throwing the box on the ground from a high place, or throwing things into the box from a high place, etc. These actions are not allowed as such actions would cause unnecessary damage to the box.

The correx bin is a plastic product, and flammability is one of its characteristics. Therefore, when we use the corflute box, we probably put them away from the fire source to ensure the safety of the turnover box and the safety of the goods in the box.

Also, don’t leave the correx bin in the sun for a long time. Strong light will cause aging of the box and shorten the service life of the pp corrugated box.

Finally, although the box is waterproof and moisture-proof, try to keep the box in a dry place, which will prolong the service life of the box.

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