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The upper and lower surfaces of corrugated box plastic are supported by grooved ribs that provide structure without adding a lot of weight, so they look similar to their cardboard predecessors. However, plastic has become the material of choice for reusable corrugated boxes, and corrugated pallets because it is more durable and impact resistant, yet still as light as cardboard. So you don’t need to replace these items as often, and they don’t cause supply chain delays due to broken containers. Plus, they’re waterproof, so they’re better for industries like agriculture and food service than cardboard.

Advantages of corrugated box plastic

  • Low costs from innovations.
  • Collapse fold to thin compact sizes.
  • Lightweight corrugated PP sheet.
  • No packing tape. Self-locking.
  • Easy wash & drying to sanitize.
  • Simple assembly, strong and durable.
  • No welds, No glues, No Velcro, No buckles, No Accessories.
  • Fast one die-cut manufacturing.

Custom corrugated plastic packaging boxes

  • Colors and printing to keep your brand consistent
  • We offer several customization options for our corrugated plastic products. Some examples of how we can customize these products include:
  • The edges can be left open or sealed depending on your machining needs
  • Any size or style – corrugated plastic is easy to customize and a low-cost alternative to custom injection molded containers
  • Reinforced plastic film gauges, rivets, and plastic welds for incredible load capacity
  • Additional features such as ergonomic handles, lids, access doors, drain holes, interlocking side walls, and wire reinforcements make handling storage containers more comfortable and protect the contents inside

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Precautions for the use of coroplast containers:

  1. You have to handle the corrugated box plastic gently to avoid damage caused by uneven force when landing.
  2. When placing the goods into the coroplast containers, they should be placed evenly to avoid the sharp surface directly pressing on the bottom of the turnover box, otherwise, the plastic corrugated foldable boxes will be skewed or damaged due to uneven force, or even damage the goods in the box.
  3. Generally, corrugated plastic packaging boxes without flame retardants are flammable and should be kept away from open flames.
  4. When stacking, you should consider the carrying capacity of its own corrugated box plastic and limit the stacking height.
  5. When using the matching tray for the plastic corrugated foldable boxes, it should be considered whether its size matches the tray, so as to avoid inappropriate size or improper placement, which may cause the side to be tilted or the box to be inverted.
  6. Avoid exposure to strong UV rays. So as not to cause aging, resulting in reduced toughness and strength, and accelerated shortening of service life.

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