Advantages of correx picking boxes


Correx picking boxes are light and durable alternative to the traditional cardboard picking bin, naturally waterproof and impact-resistant. corrugated plastic totes are trustworthy in all industries from distribution to agriculture. Our correx boxes combine the best load-bearing capacity, lightness, economy and reusability in one. All walks of life choose them.

Features of correx picking boxes

  • Find stock and components more quickly, boosting productivity.
  • Optional label areas and printing to aid warehouse/fulfillment staff.
  • Strong Correx material ensures a longer lifespan.
  • Custom sizes tailored perfectly to match your product or racking, maximizing storage space.
  • Free-standing designs can add additional storage during seasonal demand fluctuations.
  • Oil grease and moisture resistance, protecting items inside the bin.
  • Choice of colors to allow segmentation of stock and coded inventories.
  • Can be used at low temperatures, in applications such as refrigeration or cold storage.
  • Wipe clean surfaces, aiding re-usability and perfect for medical/clean room.
  • Supplied flat to minimize storage/transit costs, or fully assembled to save time & labor costs.

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