The advantages of correx pick bins


Current situation:

In modern logistics and warehousing management, correx pick bins have continually gained good reviews in the industry due to its excellent advantages. It not only facilitates the storage and transportation of goods, but also effectively improves the utilization of warehouse space. In order to better understand their value in practical applications ,then i analyse the advantages of correx pick bins in detail.

High load bearing capacity:

Correx pick bins are made of eco-friendly correx sheets . which has a strong and durable structure. This makes it difficult to deform or damage when loading heavy goods, ensuring the safe transportation of goods. Besides, it is flat and easy to stack, saving a lot of time for companies.

correx pick bins

Easy to handle and store:

The size of the correx pick bins is standardized, making it easy to use with various handling equipment, such as forklifts, trolleys, etc. It not only improves work efficiency, but also reduces labor costs. In addition, it can also be stacked in multiple layers, greatly saving warehouse space and improving the utilization rate of space.

Ensure the safety of goods and reduce losses:

The sealing of it is good, which can effectively prevent the damage of dust and moisture . At the same time, its robust structure can also reduce the collision and friction between goods during transportation, reducing the rate of loss, especially for fragile ones.

Customizable and flexible:

Size and color can be customized according to actual needs. It is suitable for a variety of industries and individuals to store clothes. Besides, it can be widely used in various fields.For enterprises and individuals who need to manage and move goods efficiently and orderly, choosing correx pick bins is undoubtedly a wise decision.


To sum up, it has many advantages in logistics warehousing management. At the same time, due to the correx sheets are eco-friendly, it will not nearly pollute the environment, which can be recycled for many times. If you are interested in our correx pick bins, welcome to contact us.

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