Correx floor protection


Correx floor protection

Correx floor protection is a kind of corrugated plastic protection sheets. Usually the process of house and building decoration is very long, and there are many links involved. In the process of decoration and construction, paint and stains are particularly easy to stain the ground, walls and surrounding affairs. In severe cases, sharper construction tools will also cause great damage to the ground, which will eventually lead to difficulty in cleaning the ground or scratches on the wall. At this time, correx floor protector is extremely important.

Parameter with correx floor covering sheets:

Product Correx floor protection / correx floor covering sheets/ corrugated plastic floor protection
Material PP (polypropylene)
Width (mm) ≤2600
Length(mm) Customized
Thickness (mm) 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm
Weight(g/sqm) 250GSM—3000GSM according to customized
Function Common
Corona Treated ( Dyne 60+)
Anti-Static ESD (10^6~10^9Ω)
Conductive (10^3~10^5Ω)
Anti-UV Stabilized
Colors Blue, white, grey, black, Customized
OEM/ODM Accept

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Features of correx sheets

(1) The protective effect of corrugated plastic floor protector is very good and economical. It is extruded from PP polypropylene, a green and environmentally friendly material, and can be made into coils or flat sheets.

(2) The corrugated plastic floor protector can be customized into various colors, and it can also be made into a flame-retardant and anti-static board.

(3) Not only that, it is also environmentally friendly and can be recycled and reused.

(4) The corrugated plastic floor protector is simple to operate and easy to use. It is a very mature product suitable for surface impact protection. Usually used in building construction, room decoration, wall protection, logistics vehicle pads, etc.

(5) The corrugated plastic floor protector is very flexible and easy to bend. It can be directly applied and laid on most grounds and is easy to lay.

(6) The corrugated plastic floor protector is used as a wall protection, which can effectively prevent the wall from being bumped and damaged during the moving process.

(7) Other.

Correx manufacturer&supplier

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