How to choose the professional correx board suppliers?


Correx board suppliers are increasing in the world because the past correx board market has been unable to meet people’s demand for corrugated plastic sheets and corrugated plastic products. The raw material for making the correx board is non-toxic and environmentally friendly polypropylene, which is very lightweight, durable, moisture-proof, waterproof, and corrosion-resistant, and is favored by all walks of life. However, there are differences in the quality of the boards of each correx board supplier. In order to purchase high-quality boards within the budget, the choice of the supplier becomes very important. How do choose reliable correx board suppliers?

1. What capabilities should the professional correx board suppliers have?

(1) Have the ability of professional product quality inspection

In the process of producing the board, according to the customer’s cost requirements and usage, the correx suppliers will mix the old material with the new material, and customize the correx board that meets the customer’s specifications. However, if there are too many doped corner scraps, it will have a great impact on the quality and life of the pp hollow board. This requires technicians to be very rigorous when mixing raw materials, and have professional testing capabilities, prevent unqualified products from being given to customers.

(2) Ability to deliver on time and after-sales service

On-time delivery and timely after-sales service are important factors to improve the repurchase rate. Huiyuan Plastics has a set of fast production and delivery processes. The team design and proofing are very fast and it only takes 2 hours. 11 production lines can realize rapid mass production of pp hollow boards. It takes 7-15 days to ship, and the professional production team can ensure timely delivery to customers. After the customer receives the goods, there will still be one-to-one after-sales customer service to answer your questions.

(3) Professional correx sheet suppliers should also have the ability to meet the needs of customers

A qualified correx board supplier can not only customize PP hollow boards of various specifications, colors, properties, and processes according to customer needs but also can create different extended products through secondary processing. Therefore, when choosing correx board suppliers, you must first determine whether the supplier can meet your customization needs!

(4) Ability to have formal qualifications

Choosing a regular manufacturer not only needs to assess the overall strength of the manufacturer, but also understand the reputation of the manufacturer in the industry, and it also needs to be verified by a third-party platform. Such as ISO certification system, SGS test report, anti-static test report, and so on. Choosing a professional correx board supplier is also a guarantee for yourself.

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